Ukraine Russia, war news today May 26th

Ukraine Russia, war news today May 26th

Target: Vladimir Putin. We are ready to kill him. “Our priority task is to destroy the unit commander who gives his men the order to attack,” said the unit’s deputy commander.Intelligence Vadim Skibitsky, in an interview with the German newspaper Die Felt. Also on the same list is the founder and leader of the Wagner Group, Yevgeny Prigozhin. Threats that confirm how “the special military operation is more than justified and too much,” according to Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov, who emphasized that “Russian security services know their work and know what they are doing.” Then an explanation came from the Main DirectorateIntelligence From the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense: «We can make extraordinary efforts to physically eliminate someone like Putin», «But the need to detain him and his accomplices as war criminals and bring him before an international tribunal is of course a matter of just the punishment that will be imposed».

Black Sea, Russian warship strikes drones at sea in attempt to launch attack

So Putin is the “first target”, but “in terms of detention and extradition to the International Court of Justice and the Hague Tribunal.” To be sure, the president’s safety remains a priority in Moscow, in light of the threats from Kiev and the drone attack on the Kremlin earlier this month. attack behind himIntelligence According to the American newspaper The New York Times, the special units or Ukrainians 007 will be hidden. Prigozhin, commenting on the Ukrainian threats, defined the option to “eliminate me and Putin” as “understandable.”

On the other hand, Wagner considers himself integral to the conquest of Ukraine, having played a leading role in what Moscow sees as the “liberation” of Bakhmut, a city in Donetsk that has become one of the main fronts of the war. And Prigozhin announced that the paramilitary forces from which the “units” began to withdraw.

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It was precisely in the battles for the conquest of the city that a tough confrontation took place between Prigozhin himself and the Russian defense. The Wagner leader continues to criticize Moscow. He warned that if Russian losses in Ukraine continued to increase, “all this could lead to a revolution, like in 1917,” because “the soldiers will rise first, and then their loved ones will rise.”

Prigogine announces the withdrawal of the Wagner Group from Bakhmut

Meanwhile, Moscow signed an agreement with Minsk, its main ally, to transfer non-strategic nuclear weapons to Belarusian territory. “The transfer has already begun,” President Alexander Lukashenko confirmed. On the other hand, Kiev is waiting for the announced supplies of F-16 fighters by Western allies. “We hope the training will begin in the coming weeks,” said US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin. And while the authorities of the Russian Belgorod region announce that they have shot down another drone on their territory, the diplomatic battle to resolve the crisis remains complex. After being in Kiev, the Chinese Special Representative for Eurasian Affairs Li Hui is preparing to arrive in Moscow, where he will meet with Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov.

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