North Korea’s complaint: “The United States wants to attack us, we are on the verge of nuclear war.”

North Korea’s complaint: “The United States wants to attack us, we are on the verge of nuclear war.”

The world is on the brink of nuclear war. Is there another alarming sign about a possible accident at the Ukrainian power plant in Zaporizhia, or about a distasteful head strike by Vladimir Putin? No, the alarm is coming from East Asia, and the North Korean ambassador to the United Nations sounded it today from the UN podium: “The Korean Peninsula is in an explosive situation, on the verge of nuclear war.” Choosing Pyongyang? of course not. According to the ambassador, the responsibilities lie with South Korea’s competitors, and with the United States, their main backer. Since coming to power in May 2022, South Korean President Yoon Suk-yul has pursued a “humiliating and client-like policy of dependence on external forces” for Pyongyang. The intention of these foreign powers is crystal clear: “The United States is now moving towards the practical stage to realize its evil plan to provoke a nuclear war, and to deploy for the first time in decades strategic nuclear submarines and bombers with nuclear warheads at home and abroad.” About the Korean Peninsula,” Kim Sung accused. The reference will be to the formation of the so-called United States Nuclear Advisory GroupFormed by the United States to facilitate trilateral military cooperation and information exchange with South Korea and Japan. But for the system Kim Jong UnHowever, the real goal of the US strategy would be to “plan, implement, and carry out a pre-emptive nuclear attack against the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea,” also known as North Korea. The issue of viewpoints.

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