Petrucci Tries All (Bicycles!) – News

Petrucci Tries All (Bicycles!) – News

MotoGP SBK Enduro: The rider from Terni who is competing in the Superbike World Championship today is a real enthusiast and never holds back when it comes to motorbikes. His last foray? We reveal it to you

March 27, 2023

noOr, this is not an ultra-high-performance bike or an extreme enduro bike: Daniel Petrucci picked up at the agency speedmasters Arezzo is flaming 125 Honda Grom yellowAnd, by the way, she was even wearing a matching sweatshirt!
Danilo looks very content with his new purchase, which he will use to move around the pastures but (in our opinion) not only.

MSX 125 to which name is added in 2021 in Europe Gromin fact he faces 2023 with double digits New colorsMatte gray metallic with gold-tone wheels, dark red with black rear bumper, body mounting points and front fender.

The air-cooled single-cylinder engine has two-valve distribution and proximity power 10 hp at 7250 rpm. Consumption 65 km / liter In the WMTC medium cycle: thanks to the 6-liter tank, the range exceeds 350 kilometers.

frame is One steel girder trapped there Inverted fork With 31 mm diameter stems, the rear suspension is equipped with single central shock absorbers and 12 inch rims in aluminum alloy with five spokes with tires 120/70 and 130 / 70.I

The braking system is based on two separate discs, the front part is controlled by ABS with a sensor that prevents the rear part from lifting in the event of more decisive braking. there saddle It is low (761 mm from the ground) as it measures only the wheelbase 1200 mm The full weight stops at 103 kilos.

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