Juventus D.C. acquires the trial live: follow up on the preliminary hearing live

Juventus D.C. acquires the trial live: follow up on the preliminary hearing live


Job is still in the council room

still in Council hall Gup Marco Picco, to assess requests for civil parties that have been submitted. Once the procedure is written, the hearing will most likely be adjourned.

12:00 pm

Juve process: all stages

The preliminary session is only the first stage of a long journey that is also about sports justice. The next shade highlighted in the calendar is a file April 19thwhen that first “final” is played, with Coni Warranty Board That will consider the club’s appeal against the penalty of 15 points in the standings. All you need to know


Juventus preliminary hearing, we go back to the courtroom

While awaiting evaluation of the civil parties’ applications, we return to the courtroom for the preliminary hearing at the Turin Pre-Trial Court Job Marco Picot.


Juventus, no accused present

Juventus is under investigation as a legal entity. none of defendants Present in Room 2 of the Palace of Justice in Turin, while legal representatives were present. Read the full list


Prosecutor Gianoglio: “We are moving towards a delay”

Leaving the courtroom after the hearing was adjourned and responding to the press present at the Turin court, w Prime Minister GianoglioOne Prisma Investigation owner announced that the hearing will be postponed: “We are heading towards adjournment, the judge has decided to comment only to write the verdict,” His words in a video published by Sky Sports.

11:00 am

Decision on territorial jurisdiction

question to regional jurisdiction He can decide in the next session, not today. We’re heading toward adjournment. More updates soon.

10:45 a.m

Juventus preliminary hearing, where is it and how to follow it

The session takes place behind closed doors Senior class 2. Adjacent classrooms, Maxi 1, are entitled Joseph Casalpourthe judge of the court who conducted the first instance trial against Juventus in the doping case.

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Consob civil action and revenue agency and FIGC no

there ConsobThe authority that oversees the stock exchange’s activities filed a civil suit. among civil parties as well codaconWhile there is no revenue agency e fig.


Hearing pending

The judge decided comment The hearing to assess the claims of the civil parties that have been filed. About 30 people have filed civil applications. The preliminary session will resume in an hour.


Aniele is absent

absent in court Andrea AgnelliOne of the defendants with eleven former Turin executives.


Juventus Trial: Scenarios

A potential delay is looming for several reasons. In the first place, today’s session will begin with the request of those who bring a civil action, in this case some small shareholders have taken action, and less than thirty are those who through codacon They will ask to be accepted, but there are also those who have moved on on their own. In theory, the sudden appearance of some players cannot be ruled out. Among the reasons that might lead to procrastination is the hypothesis that: Evening Marco Gianoglio and Mario Bendoni He may request that the charges be amended after what has emerged from the supplementary investigations in the past few months: at the time of the closing of the initial investigations there were a total of fifteen offences. If prosecutors were to actually change the charges, the defense could request a new deadline for examining the changes, thus adjourning. Finally, first of all, the defense will submit an application for the transfer of proceedings to territorial jurisdiction to the Gup.

10 am

The introductory session begins

The Prisma Investigation Preliminary Hearing has begun: Job Mauro Picot Will have to express themselves in the request to be charged Turin Public Prosecutor’s Office v. Juventus and twelve former Juventus executives as well as on the defense’s request to transfer the venue of any trial to territorial jurisdiction. Gup can refer the decision to judges veto.

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What is juve in danger

The normal game of justice begins, but it’s not the only non-spherical match Juventus will have to play between now and the next few months. This morning’s introductory session is just the first stage of a long journey that is also about mathematical justice. And it is precisely the result of sporting action that makes the entire Juventus world more apprehensive about the potential consequences that could ensue. Juventus future. Read it all


Enter Paola Severino, Arrivabene attorney

He entered In Room 2 of the Palace of Justice in Turin also Paula Severinolegal Maurice Arrivabene And the former Minister of Justice in Monty government Between 2011 and 2013. Read more


Juventus defense arrives in court

The defense will be coordinated through the work of the lawyers Maurizio Bellacosa and David Sangiorgio. The first, associated since 1989 with Severino Study (Founded by an ex-minister Paula Severino), will protect Juventus as a club. Among the most prominent and growing lawyers not only in the Milanese environment, George Street He is the founder of the named studio and will be defending key executives under investigation, starting with Andrea Agnelli.


Juventus there is no Santorello

it’s up to Mark Beck, the judge at the preliminary hearing, who has to decide how to proceed: whether or not to accept the prosecution’s motion of indictment. But also if and how an imminent request to trigger proceedings is assessed From Turin to Milan (or alternatively Rome) of the territorial jurisdiction to which the defense will be submitted. Maybe, whispering, “get the ball back in the stands.” The profiles of the prosecutors who make up the prosecution are now better known. he will not be there Cyrus Santorellowho gave up his spot in recent days on odds-on grounds after the issue linked to his inappropriate jokes he left at a 2019 convention exploded. Read all

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What are the charges

At the time of closing the preliminary investigations, there were a total of fifteen crimes, and the main crimes committed by the prosecution were false accounting, false communications to the stock exchange, false invoices, and obstruction to the exercise of public supervisory powers. (Consob).


Juventus, as requested by the Public Prosecutor’s Office in Turin

At the end of the investigation into the accounts of Juventus in the three-year period between 2018 and 2021, the Public Prosecutor’s Office in Turin requests that Juventus and twelve former executives, all employed at the time, be charged: Andrea Agnelli, Pavel Nedved, Maurizio Arrivabene, Francesco Roncalio, Enrico Villano, Marco Re, Stefano Serrato, Stefano Bertola, Roberto Grossi, Stefania Bochetti, Fabio Barracci and Cesare Gapasio. There are fifteen counts of indictment, and the investigation by the Public Prosecutor’s Office in Turin has produced a total of more than 15,000 pages of documents including telephone interceptions, environmental interceptions, interrogations, and seized documents. Including private agreements and side letters: among these very famous cases of Paulo Dybala And Cristiano RonaldoThey themselves are much more than interested spectators. Read it all

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