Be careful, your computer may have been hacked: if you do, you will find out in less than a minute

Be careful, your computer may have been hacked: if you do, you will find out in less than a minute

Do you think your laptop or desktop computer has been hacked? It will only take a minute to confirm.

In recent years we have been bombarded with news related to Phishingand thethe pirate Of devices mobile phones. This is because today everyone uses a smartphone to go to the web and not everyone is aware of the dangers inherent in this wonderful and useful tool.

Do you think you have been hacked? How to know for sure in one minute –

The news should have made it clear to all users that the hacker had to be found Back door into our devices To gain access which in most cases aims to install a virus (or malware or ransomware) that facilitates access. These programs have a giving function Free access to the system And based on Copy sensitive data Which can be used to steal money from accounts.

Therefore, you can be relatively calm if you do not access unprotected sites and do not download anything of questionable origin. Hardly actually You will be a direct target of some hackersunless you are the owner of a large company that, precisely because of its importance, can tempt the bad guys.

How to tell if your computer has been hacked in one minute

This may happen while browsing the web, connecting to an external Wi-Fi network or even… Download content The virus may be installed unintentionally. It is no coincidence that antivirus software is necessary to protect against the majority of these infected files. That’s why it’s so important too Always update your system Make sure that your antivirus software is also capable of identifying all potential threats.

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How to detect hacker attacks
Thanks to this list, you can see who is accessing your system –

If you’ve recently noticed strange behavior on your computer or consider that some activity on the web is unsafe, you can… Control very easily Whether someone has already entered your system. Go to your computer desktop and press the key combination “Windows“(operating system code) + t.

After doing this, the menu will open, in which you should write “Netplwitz“And press Yes. So you will have access to List of administrators And your computer user. Through the list you will be able to check who has recently accessed the device and if there is a username that you probably don’t recognize. you have been hacked.

At this point, click on the name of the unknown user and then on the command “Remove“. This way you have excluded it from the system, but it is still recommended to configure the operating system to remove any external agent that allowed it to access your device.

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