Perpetrators 19 out of 20 accused –

Perpetrators 19 out of 20 accused –
From Stefano Montefiore

Nineteen of the 20 defendants in the Paris attacks on November 13, 2015 were convicted of voluntary killings. Salah Abdeslam, the only survivor of the terrorist commando, was sentenced to life in prison with no possibility of commutation.

from our reporter
I’m not a killer, I didn’t kill anyonewere the last words of Salah Abdel Salam Monday morning, the judges accepted to lock themselves up in the council chamber. Last night, after a month of hearings, the verdict was delivered. The only survivor of the commando of the ten terrorists on November 13, 2015 listen to him with his arms crossed and with a strong fixed look into space.

The court did not believe him. It is not true that the 32-year-old Islamist terrorist had given up blowing himself up for humanity on the evening of the attacks on the Stade de France, restaurants and on the Bataclan, because he changed his mind at the last minute I see the boys sitting at outdoor tables. According to reports, if anything, the explosive vest was defective, and it did not work, which was the only reason why he threw it in the trash. Due to a design flaw, the other victims did not join the 130 killed (including Italian Valeria Solisin) and 413 wounded that evening.

And therefore, Incompressible life sentence: Abdus Salam, who participated in the whole attack, will remain in prison for the rest of his life. The most severe punishment provided by the French judiciary, compared to the slow death sentence. After the first thirty years in prison, Abdeslam will be able to ask the court to evaluate the case again, but the decision will be made after the opinion of a five-judge panel of the Court of Cassation., who will consult with the victims and assess whether any possible release poses risks to public order. Basically, the chances of Salah Abdeslam getting out of prison one day are slim.

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The extremely rare sentence handed down to the terrorist, which has so far been issued only four times since 1994 (The accusations are always brought against the people who raped and killed minors.) It indicates the unique historical character of the crime and the process you analyzed. The evening of November 13 is still a shock in French societyA military operation by the Islamic State carried out with appalling brutality against civilians. Nearly seven years after this attack, the war still looks like the beginning of a war, fortunately it never broke out but was not completely shelved.

Abdul Salam began the sessions months ago in a bold manner, proudly declaring himself an ISIS soldier and complaining about the conditions of detention. The President of the Special Criminal Court, Jean-Louis Brice, proved to be up to the situation: without falling into the provocations of Abdeslam, maintaining calm, clarity and sensitivity towards the survivors and relatives of the victims, and ensuring their respect. the rules.

Salah Abdeslam, born in Brussels to a family of Moroccan originHe, like many of his future terrorist comrades, a petty delinquent addicted to alcohol and drugs before lightning-fast adherence to political Islam, after the massacre on the evening of November 13, was incredibly able to cross the border and reach Brussels again. He was arrested in March 2016 and then extradited to France. The judges admitted yesterday that he was a participant in the murders related to a terrorist projectAlthough his lawyer, Olivia Ronen, declared that punishing Salah Abdeslam at the height of the victims’ suffering constitutes the law of revenge.

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Manuel Dias, the bus driver at the Stade de France, was the first victim that evening. Her daughter, Sophia, witnessed the trial and said I did not believe Abdeslam’s last apology for a moment. Throughout the trial, the defendants behaved toward us with contempt and contempt. The other 19 co-accused were also sentenced along with Abdus Salam, with sentences ranging from one to thirty years.

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