June 6, 2023

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Ukraine war, soldier escapes from drone and video immortalizes massacre of Russians – Il Tempo

He hears the noise of the drone and starts running away to avoid being attacked. A Russian soldier inadvertently becomes the protagonist in the video that will immortalize the massacre of the Moscow army. The remote-controlled plane follows him at great speed, and while the young soldier is trying to escape, two other Russian military patrols emerged from the underground shelters and tried to shoot the drone. finally. The target of the aircraft is another target: not far away, hiding in the dense bushes, there are two more armored vehicles that will be precisely bombarded with missiles dropped from the drone.

“Ukrainian armed forces destroyed enemy positions, one of the invaders exposed him while escaping from our drone. Thanks to the fleeing army they hit an infantry fighting vehicle, several vehicles and soldiers” Twitter Twitter Tpyxa, Ukrainian media along with Kyiv forces, where the horrific video of the massacre Russians.

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