Fifteen years ago, the first iPhone appeared: from Jobs’ vision to stock market takeover

Fifteen years ago, the first iPhone appeared: from Jobs’ vision to stock market takeover

It’s been exactly fifteen years since Apple took its first iPhone to stores. In fact, it was June 29, 2007, when the first model of the Cupertino smartphone appeared for the first time in American Apple stores. Fifteen years in which the Californian company gave birth to an unstoppable race that made it the undisputed Queen of Wall Street. And this actually proved that Steve Jobs, the visionary CEO who introduced the first iPhone – during a conference in San Francisco – was right: “This is the day I was looking forward to two and a half years ago. Every now and then, a revolutionary product comes out that changes everything… ».

mobile revolution

The iPhone really changed everything. Because the cornerstone of the revolution is called the smartphone. A device that changed our habits and the way we communicate, move and pay. It changed the balance of finance, because while iPhones hit Apple store shelves, oil companies dominated Wall Street. And Apple was already a strong enough tech company, but it was still looking for an idea that could change its destiny. But within a few years, the balance was upset.


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Wall Street Invasion

On June 29, 2007, fifteen years ago, Apple’s stock was trading at 4.35 cents. While the market value of Cupertino was just over $105 billion. It was just the beginning of a wonderful climb.

share prices

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Already at the end of 2007, Apple shares registered + 65% in six months, and its market value exceeded 170 billion. The success of the smartphone with the apple immediately became clear to everyone. Apple of iPhone produced about twenty models. Its shares have risen more than 4,000% since June 2007.

Market value

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First trillion dollar company

The Cupertino Company was the first company on Wall Street to break the trillion dollar wall to become the first trillion dollar company (it happened in 2018). But then it broke through two trillion in 2020, and three trillion in January 2022, before entering the bear market. The numbers are enormous.

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