How do you save using the air conditioner?

How do you save using the air conditioner?

Bills prices have skyrocketed for more than 4 months now, due to the effects of the war in Ukraine that do not allow prices to drop, especially gas prices. However, there are tricks on how to save on bills: let’s see how to use the air conditioner.

The conditionersas well as being an investment because Purchasing price They have, are challenging the high billing rates in recent months. Obviously, excessively high prices can be a disincentive to buying and getting started Cooling devices.

But let’s see some tips about How to save and how to make the use of air conditioners cheaper in the summer.

Saving on your bill with air conditioners: Pay attention to the energy class

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One of the first things you should pay attention to when buying an air conditioner Energy class of belonging. This is indicated by the law by the seller and the manufacturer, since the regulations in this regard are increasingly stringent. However, you should pay attention, as dIn 2022, the new rules for the classification of air conditioners came into effectSo it’s good to be careful.

In any case, choosing a device with low energy consumption allows to significantly reduce the cost of the air conditioner on the bill. For example, using a class A ++ air conditioner, instead of an air conditioner in class B, allows you to You have 30% savings.

Other useful tips to save on your bill


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Now let’s see other tips that will allow users to get a file Lower cost in the bill if air conditioning is used. One such method is to avoid keeping temperatures excessively below the ideal temperature. Also in accordance with government provisions, i The temperature of air conditioners should not be less than 19-20 degrees.

Placing the thermostat at about 6-8 degrees below the outside temperature will allow you to save about 15%. Beyond that it is a good use Always keep the device cleanThis way it will be more efficient and less breakable.

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