Car stamp, there is a way to pay very little: Motorists celebrate

Car stamp, there is a way to pay very little: Motorists celebrate

Car tax is one of the most important items of expenditure for those who own a car, but there is a way to spend less, to the delight of motorists.

Nowadays owning a car can be considered a real luxury, above all, given the sharp price increases that have hit this segment in recent months. From fuel, to auto R/C, to maintenance, everything costs more.

Among the most important items of expenditure, we also mention the car tax, that is, the tax that must be paid every year for the respective region, by car owners, regardless of whether the car is in use or not. This tax, also known as car tax, does not have a single amount but is calculated based on engine power, pollution control approval and the region you are from, often talking about amounts with a huge budgetary impact is familiar. Above all, given the current times. It is precisely in this regard that many car owners rightly wonder if car tax can be paid in installments.

Well, let’s say right away that, unfortunately, at the moment there is no possibility to pay car tax in installments, but it is a tax that must be paid in one solution. However, as always, there is an exception. In fact, if certain conditions are met, there will be a way to pay the car tax in instalments.

How to pay car tax in installments

As we expected, even if the state provides for the car tax to be paid in one solution, there is a way to be able to pay it in installments. This happens if you are using the PayPal channel.

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As many know, through the PagoPa website it is possible to pay car tax online. Specifically through the general management platform, by selecting the payment system with PayPal, the payment method can be selected by installments. A maximum of three installments.


Through this trick, the car tax payment is divided into three tranches. The first is paid immediately, and the other two are paid within the next two months. In any case, it should be specified that in order to benefit from paying car tax in installments, it is necessary to comply with some conditions. In fact, paying via PayPal allows you to pay car tax in installments without costs and commissions. Provided that the amounts range between 30 and 2000 euros. In addition, we remind you that the Service is available only and exclusively to natural persons.

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