Paul Haggis was convicted in New York of rape

Paul Haggis was convicted in New York of rape

She is also the author of the screenplay for another Oscar-winning movie, Million Dollar Baby, and she met Hughes Priest when she was working in New York promoting film events. The woman filed a lawsuit early The “MeToo” movementwhich was sparked by accusations against former Miramax boss, Harvey Weinstein, by some ninety women of being a serial predator.

In the civil suit, it is reported that after the first, Haggis invited Priest to his apartment in Soho where he forced her to do Oral sex And the then raped her. The director, who does not bear any criminal responsibility, replied that the sexual relationship was consensual.

The six-person jury took nearly six hours to reach the verdict that accepted Brest’s version: the woman testified that she did not feel refused the invitation to Haggis’ house because of her stature as a Hollywood celebrity. Haggai accepted the decision in the courtroom: Upon reading the verdict, he looked at his daughters and muttered. “All is well”.

He then quietly walked out of court with his family and his lawyers did not respond to reporters who asked if the director intended to appeal. The jury’s $7.5 million in damages may be just a prelude: Jurors will return to the meeting on Monday to decide whether Haggis will also have to pay disciplinary damages.

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