GF Vip and Wilma Goich Unmasked by Edoardo Vianello: “He Had Another”

GF Vip and Wilma Goich Unmasked by Edoardo Vianello: “He Had Another”

Edoardo Vianello and the background to the eventual marriage with the rival: the whole truth

In this seventh edition of Big Brother VIP We are discovering many new aspects about Wilma Goich, both in relation to her person and to her story. But in the last few hours, Thepipolgossip has relayed some words from Vianello, her ex-husband, regarding the end of their marriage, which lasted fourteen years from 1967 to 1981. Putting an end to their story, Eduardo explained, would have been like Gwish’s infidelity not just an elopement but love. real new: “It ended between us because she had another man. I do not deny that I have allowed myself some ups and downs, but always without emotional involvement. Marriage for me was not in question until the day my wife told me that she finally understood the true meaning of the word ‘love’.” He also told me that he had not He no longer loves me, but another man. I still remember being dumbfounded.”

What happened after the breakup: Wilma Jewish and her husband continued to live together

Edward Vianello He explains that after this painful discovery he called his mother-in-law to try to make Wilma see reason and save the marriage, but that the woman’s intervention would have made the situation worse. While he was trying to salvage his story, Vianello was also trying to understand who was the man who had somehow contributed to the end of his marriage. Nevertheless, the two continued to live together for four years, both for some work commitments but also and above all to preserve the serenity of their daughter, Susanna. However, the atmosphere in the family was compromised and Susana suffered greatly from this situation, to the point where Vianello often found her in tears. When Wilma and her daughter moved elsewhere, Eduardo said he tried to express his affection.

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Reborn in Big Brother Phoebe House: Can a Love Story Be Reborn?

Undoubtedly, at home we discover many new facets Wilma Gwisha woman who decides to put herself on the line by recounting the pain of losing her daughter, Susanna, as well as the end of her marriage.

However, the wonderful relationship that Danielle Dal Moro was born with is surprising. Wilma found a reference point in previous men and women and made no secret that she felt great affection (she used the word love). Many wondered if the story could be born despite the age difference, but neither of them seemed to think of such an aspect.

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