Francesco and Elari again under the same roof, waiting to separate –

Francesco and Elari again under the same roof, waiting to separate –

Decisive week: Without an agreement between the two parties there is the risk of a long legal battle

In turn this turns you back we find them there again. under the same (very wide) matrimonial ceiling subordinate Megavilla to the euro. Francesco Totti and Hilary Blasi They are separated at home. As they were already before saying goodbye Double press release on July 11Because of crisisEven the walls understand it now, it comes from afar.

Although to be sure, with over a thousand square meters and 25 lodging rooms available, it doesn’t mean you get on your feet much. Legally they are still Husband and wife And as such, whether they like it or not (well, no) they get along.

Now to get serious. And this has just started Decisive week.

Francesco and Elari will have to make a final decision, just like their goodbyes after seventeen years of marriage. Proceed by mutual agreement towards a consensual separation. Or go sharply towards it judicial (The hypothesis is not excluded at the moment), with the consequences of the case: Three years or so of court clashes to divide, in addition to their own ways, also the origins of the large family.

What their lawyers hope – Milanese Alessandro Simeone for presenter Isola dei Famusi, and the Romanian-Milanes duo Antonio Conte-Annamaria Bernardini de Pace The eternal No. 10 of Rome – that the grudges and misunderstandings that have occurred in the last year and a half between Francesco and Elari, are already on their way before the captain’s horizon appears Noemi Bocchi, Practically set aside, it is easy to fill in common-sense wins and stamped papers.

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In theory, if variances are reduced to a minimum, to initialize the agreement And the punishment farewell Even seven to ten days can be enough: It was nice, but it didn’t last.

Reality has never been so simple.

Now archive vacations (during which Elari was roaming around the world) coastal accommodation sabdia (Where Totti never returned, and there was no secret meeting with his attorney), the former two returned to base. together For the three children Christian, Chanel and Isabel, who have resumed or started lessons in succession (the junior in the first grade). Their relationships are what they are. Civil but separate.

number say hello It was never signed between the parties, also because such a case does not exist in the Civil Code. The lawsuit has not even started.

Francesco will be outraged by the constant media exposure – which Elari doesn’t seem to shy away from: photoHowever, he continues to post his life on Instagram, ever sinceTraining in the gymto the new Hair cut and color (longer and more platinum), al Isabelle’s first day at school.

The shots, the last, which would have upset Totti, justified the absence from the previous commitments, because he made us the figure of the fugitive father – during the journeys of Milan to Plassey, which had clashed with Mediaset for months, the ex-commander of Rome was always present with the children.

Surely, then, Totti wouldn’t appreciate the sexy shots of a very young Blasey, who has been in limbo for decades (maybe they were the ones to talk about). Fabrizio Corona: Elari called him a liar, or rather Casiotaro), and now reprinted with a timing that some find too idealistic.

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Despite the indignation, the captain will be firmly aimed at one consensual separationWithout more fuss or low blows.

remains to be seen what Think Ilary.

And if indeed, as the fortune-teller had predicted, the ex-Letrina wanted to take time to wait for her to start over. very right (September 17), as her good friend Silvia Tovanin was waiting for her for an open interview. It’s easy to predict that, if that were the case, the court battle would have been upon us.

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