Path of Titans, the tried and tested dinosaur themed MMORPG

Path of Titans, the tried and tested dinosaur themed MMORPG

Here’s the tried-and-true Path of Titans, a dinosaur-themed MMORPG that’s now also available on consoles, as well as on PC and mobile phones.

Who doesn’t love dinosaurs? There will be someone for sure, but it is undeniable that these diverse and often formidable creatures elicit great fascination. It is no coincidence that there are constantly new products dedicated to them: sometimes we are asked to create an amusement park where they can live, other times they have to be demolished as if they are monsters, and in other cases they have to dress up, as happens in an MMORPG the road of the titans.

Already available in PC and mobileThe Path of Titans game has arrived recently too Switch, playstation and xbox In beta. It is actually a game that is still in full development, a kind of early access that will develop over the months with new content and mechanics.

However, we have already had the opportunity to try it out and see what foundations the game is built around. So here’s ours Trial of the Path of the Titans.

life cycle

An adult cannibal eats a puppy in the Path of the Titans

The Path of the Titans, as mentioned, is a MMORPG Where we will have the ability to control one of 26 different dinosaurs (if you buy the Founder’s Pack, otherwise the options are slim). The available organisms are divided between herbivores and carnivores, with different species for each group. We’ll find dinosaurs like Alioramus, Albertaceratops, Amargasaurus, Daspletosaurus, and Sarcosuchus, to name a few.

We won’t control the oversized creature right away, but we’ll start with a small version and we’ll have to to stay alive Within a huge map of 64 square kilometres. To avoid death, which involves some penalties, we must take care not to be eliminated by players stronger than us, but also to eat and drink.

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it is clear that Herbivores They eat plants, while I carnivores It must feed on the corpses around it or track down small, harmless creatures to track it down in specific locations. Of course it is also possible to hunt other players.

There is no shortage of herbivores in the Path of the Titans
There is no shortage of herbivores in the Path of the Titans

In this case you will have to test your dinosaur. Every creature has its own details Statistics, related to health, defense, speed of movement on land and in water, and energy available for running. Moreover, the level of growth matters: a small carnivorous dinosaur will struggle to compete against the herbivore at the end of its cycle.

The fighting They also rely on active skills. There are different types of attacks, which vary depending on the creature. Alioramus can easily use its jaws, while Eotriceratops can charge with its head. But there are, for example, tail clicks and other movements. It is also important to take advantage of the agility of a dinosaur, because a small and fast creature can benefit from the slow rotation of a more powerful opponent. The battle works, even if it is simple and visually ineffective, but sometimes the problem is finding someone on the map.

Map and Activities

Underwater creature in the path of the titans
Underwater creature in the path of the titans

As mentioned, the Path of the Titans puts us in one place 8 x 8 km map. It is a very large area, consisting of forests, hills, and grasslands. The server can accommodate up to 200 players, but this obviously does not mean that there are always many people connected. Given the size of the game world, it is easy for the player to explore for a long time without meeting anyone.

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Interaction with other players is not necessary and, in fact, should be avoided at first because we will have control over a puppy who can hardly stand a fight. To become an adult one must accumulate experience pointsAwarded for completing tasks such as searching for plants and reaching specific locations.

These are very basic missions that only require you to walk to the place indicated by the mini map, and stop from time to time to regain your running stamina. It’s easy to find yourself for minutes and minutes doing nothing but moving around.

For this reason, Path of Titans is much more interesting if you play in a group, especially with friends who can be talked to through headphones. You can also create groups with server players, maybe group by dinosaur species in order to find strength in number. On average, whether you’re playing alone or with friends, activities are very limited and repetitive – something that developers have to expand on.

One of the many creatures of Path of Titans
One of the many creatures of Path of Titans

However, activities have a second purpose: to be personalized brand nameswhich is an in-game currency that can not be purchased with real money and allows you to buy skills, but also colors and cosmetic items to use to decorate your cave, which is the basis and can be accessed from various places on the map.

Finally, we also point out that there is one available Single player mode: This is obviously not the focus of the game, but it allows you to get away from the gameplay dynamics without putting yourself at risk online. The game also offers a tutorial that teaches key commands and mechanics quickly and clearly.

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Finally, regarding the PC version, Path of Titans is visually Fun, even if they are a little repetitive in their own environments. However, we can’t confirm the Switch version, which is likely the least performing one.

Path of Titans is a MMORPG based on dinosaurs with one goal: to make us feel like an ancient and powerful creature. It does partially, but it still needs some time to refine, adding more activities and interaction elements to the big game map. Those who are strongly influenced by the idea and have a group of friends with similar tendencies available can start playing and continue to follow the development of the game. Those who still have some doubts will do to wait a little longer for an update.

The region

  • Creatures are completely different from each other
  • The growing system works


  • Few fun activities
  • Alone loses a lot

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