Sanna Marin dances wildly in a video. controversy in Finland

Sanna Marin dances wildly in a video.  controversy in Finland

Sana Marine Swinging to the beat of hip-hop, hugging his friends, voluptuously imitating a popular Finnish song. The video at a party for friends of the “world’s coolest prime minister”, as Bild recently called her, has caused an uproar that has been dubbed “Partygate” by the Finnish media. Less intelligent citizens, but also a slice of the political world, began to ask themselves whether it was appropriate to surprise the Prime Minister in the midst of the Dionysian ecstasy of alcohol and music.

At only 36 years old, After he flew his country in record time in NATO Because he was one of Russia’s most courageous voices against Russia, Marin wanted to do what countless of his August peers do: Have fun. But opposition leader Rika Bera has asked to take a drug test. The same proposal came from some members of its majority.

Excellent rock music

By itself, the world’s youngest Prime Minister’s love of partying is nothing new. A few months ago she was immortalized wearing a stud and shorts while going to a festival, causing a massacre of hearts especially on Italian social networks. Until yesterday, less scandalous reactions were recorded on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, especially among youngsters who remember the unbridled disco dancing in the 1980s of one of the smartest foreign ministers of the First Republic, Gianni de Micheles.

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In short, much ado about nothing? Not really, to read Finnish commentators. Someone morally pointed out that the song was imitated by the young prime minister, a hip-hop song Petri NygaardhaYou talk about booze and hangover nights. Others listed stars who attended the party, echoing a famous comment last winter in a Finnish newspaper titled “Why does Sanna Marin lick VIPs’ asses?”. And there are those who reminded her of the “incident” last winter, when she went to dance in a nightclub after she had contact with a minister who tested positive for Covid. She then defended herself by claiming that they warned her of a mandatory quarantine only in the evening, when she had already left the house, “without a mobile phone,” as she specified at the time. But the controversy continued for weeks.

Referring to cocaine

Once again, someone cast a dark shadow over the carefree party among friends: always in the background, at one point in the video, you hear a cry: “Long live the flour band.” Hosanna cocaine.

The Prime Minister defended herself tightly, saying, “I was disappointed that (videos, editor) became public. I spent an evening with my friends. We had fun, yes, and in a somewhat wild way. We danced. We sang.” Tell public radio YLE. The 36-year-old denied all other insinuations: “I haven’t used drugs, nothing but alcohol. I’ve done perfectly legal things. I’m not aware that others have done other things.”

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yellow on video

Meanwhile, clumsy conspiracies about the origin of the video began to spread on the Internet, completely anonymous and not confirmed by official sources. Italahti, the source of the scoop, explained that it obtained the clips simply from stories posted on Instagram. But there are those who see in it a “Russian hand”. Especially since Marin announced that he will almost completely cancel tourist visas for Russians wishing to visit Finland. It’s not just Putin’s war: he defined “the Russians support the war.”

Perhaps the most sober comment on PartyJet was posted yesterday by one of the opposition voters, Jonas Gontunen: “I didn’t vote for you but we bought F-35s, applied to join NATO, and increased the budget for defense. Marine was one of the first politicians to They visited Kyiv and its attitude towards Russia was solid after the military aggression on February 24. In short, keep celebrating, Sana!”

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