Tulip flower, steps to harvest it without damaging the bulb: It is very simple

Tulip flower, steps to harvest it without damaging the bulb: It is very simple

How to harvest tulips perfectly without causing any damage to the bulb: The method is easy and accessible to everyone.

Beautiful and colorful tulips are among the most adorable flowers. They harmoniously fill a flower stand, and it is nice to create a bouquet of the same color or variety to give as a gift or enjoy at home. Tulips belong to the tulip family Tulips It is a bulbous species that can reach a height of 10 – 15 cm.

They grow spontaneously and become flowers Very popular in Türkiye in the 16th century When King Suleiman the Magnificent wanted to develop the great diversity of this species by cultivating different species. These beautiful flowers They spread more and more and in the middle of the sixteenth century they arrived in Italy, imported by the Flemish Ogier Ghislain de Busbecq.

They found maximum flowering in the Netherlands and quickly became a symbol of that region. They are suitable flowers for decorating flower beds, gardens and parks. And the industrial production of cut flowers considers them champions in large quantities. but How to choose lavender In the correct way without damaging the bulb? Below is a step-by-step explanation of how to do this.

Choosing tulips the best way: a step-by-step guide

Tulips grow in deep, cold, sandy soil. They fear water stagnation It must be fertilized regularly with good fertilizers that provide it with the appropriate nutrients. Nitrate-based solutions are ideal. Use before and after flowering.

How to pick a tulip without damaging the bulb – (Biopianeta.it)

There are bulbs that are located at the base of the walker and propagate through it. When picking tulips, you need to know how to act so as not to damage the bulb. You have to take it starting from the bottom right next to the ground and pull it a little until the bulb comes out.

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Then shake it to remove any remaining soil and clean it gently with your hands. It is therefore important to use great sensitivity and make a steady movement when ripping. And then, once we got home, Using shear you forcefully separate the bulb. It is recommended to preserve it Wrap it in a sheet of absorbent paper and leave it like that for about two days Until it dries.

With scissors you go to him Make a diagonal cut at the end of the stem of tulips and only then can you place the flower in the water vase. This should be changed every two days For good maintenance of the tulip flower so that it lasts as long as possible before it withers.

When changing the water It is advisable to make a new cut in the trunk, always indirectly, Shorten it About 1 cm. The bulbs can be stored in a newspaper bag and then planted in the best season, fall, specifically October.

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