Patatrak Somahoro, immigrants and Messi can be “deported”: therefore, today …

Patatrak Somahoro, immigrants and Messi can be “deported”: therefore, today …

– Hear what they’re doing Great Britain: According to a British court, the scheme whereby the government wants to “deport” asylum seekers and migrants to Rwanda by making the payment due is “legal”. What would the benefactor and the various members say?

– Do you know why Emmanuel Macron He went to Doha on the stage of the World Awards despite all the controversy about Qatar? Because geopolitics never moves, as I said, with principles. Or rather, it is always folded according to needs. The West is at the same time an ally of some authoritarian regimes, albeit bad ones, and an enemy of other authoritarian regimes whose actions it condemns. We accuse China of not being free, but we deal with it. The same goes for Qatar and Saudi Arabia. But then, we treat Russia as plague-ridden. Macron knows this, and he takes advantage of the bad situation as best he can.

– Also because I would like to point out that Qatar It supplies Italy with 13-14% of gas needs. Next winter may be even higher, as it has large supplies of LNG. In short: let’s criticize them, but remember that everything has a price. Even princes. It’s bad to say, but that’s the way it is.

– Thank you Fabio Capello. “I hope to see Italy change after what we saw (in the World Cup),” says Don Fabio Tiki-taka. The end of the game to empty the ball sideways without risking. In the final also great refereeing for the people who put their feet up. In Italy we live with the card in hand. What is soccer? Every minute it stops, we lose continuity and pace technique. In this World Cup, I’ve seen people shoot all the time. Shooting, not just running.” If coaches, players and management don’t soon realize that football has to be entertainment, and to get entertained you have to take risks, the first division will end up boring even the ultras coach. No more side steps. No more backtracking No more games where a team (like Lazio) take 3 shots on goal in just 90 minutes.It’s a deadly bore.

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Fabrizio Pregliasco Works with Majorino, candidate of the Democratic Party of the Lombardy region. Now, it’s fine if you want to commit. But I would like to point out one thing: at the end of the show, we had the pandemic in which we all relied on virologists more or less from the center left (except perhaps Pacetti). Ilaria Capua was elected with Mario Monti Civic Choice. Andrea Crisanti Pd. Pregliasco with Majorino, Lopalco with Michele Emiliano and Antonella Viola and I don’t need to tell you. Some might say: So I guess they agreed with Speranza, didn’t they?

– If you like, we can moralize Messi about the fact that he agreed to cover up in the traditional Qatari outfit (since I don’t see anything in it, very scandalous. But He presses Comes to consider the “difference” between him and Maradona: “Diego wouldn’t have been to raise a cup in a dress of finery.” Sure, but he did drugs, drank like a sponge and won the World Cup thanks to a goal stolen from his hand. Perhaps between the two, a better robe

– They also indicated to me that there are a lot of videos and photos of Diego Armando Maradona Dressed as Sheikh in Dubai. Here, perhaps inquire better please.

– the reader rightly writes: “But this is the World Championship, they are the hosts, but will they be able to do as they like? To Messi They did not ask him to bow down in the direction of Mecca.” Clearer than that, she dies.

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– The European Union agrees to a price cap of 180 euros per megawatt-hour. Hassan. But I will only point out one thing: it is true that 180 euros is much less than what we paid this summer, when the prices were crazy; But before this damned crisis it cost us a paltry 20 euros. Which means one thing: the European Union “certifies” that energy inflation will continue next winter as well. So, if you like, cheer up. But I won’t bubble champagne.

– Looks like me greens And the Italian left They want to expel Abubakar Somahoro from the group after all the troubles his wife, mother-in-law and himself have been involved in. For a deputy in a shoe it would be a beating, and it shows. But the real disaster, whatever happens, is for the green and red, who relied on a totem that fell like an avalanche in less than two months. All in an effort to extract a few votes from the most enthusiastic immigrants. Are we sure it was worth it?

Writings against watermelon They no longer surprise me. But I suggest you do a census, from news articles: Are there more times that the “good guys” of the left insult the right, or those who cover the left with insults?

– Everyone has to comment on the gesture Emiliano Martinez With the best goalkeeper award glove. But undoubtedly the best thing in the world is the prince’s face looking at him in bewilderment. This deserves a World Cup

– You will say: nothing counts. But see Francesco Totti at a funeral Sinisa MihajlovicThe Roma captain’s farewell to the Lazio fighter is, in all respects, a good sign. For this time: Bravo, France.

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