A soldier kills a colleague and 2 believers and 10 are wounded – Corriere.it

A soldier kills a colleague and 2 believers and 10 are wounded – Corriere.it

I am 4 Victims of shootings in Ghriba synagogue on the island of Djerba, Tunisia, destination in these hours of intense pilgrimage: Soldier of the Tunisian Navy who killed himself for the first time peer He took his ammunition, then tried to reach the temple, where he started shooting at the security units that were barricading the area, killing him Two civilians. The agents returned fire, preventing him from reaching the synagogue, and the attacker was also killed.

the death of believers It was confirmed by the Tunisian Ministry of Interior, which states at least 10 wounded: 6 security personnel and 4 civilians. The Tunisian Foreign Ministry stated in a statement that the two civilians killed were “A 30-year-old Tunisian and a 42-year-old Frenchman.”without providing their identities. The Ministry of the Interior added that the entire area of ​​the synagogue has been secured from the inside and outside, and that the authorities are committed to discovering “the reasons for this cowardly attack,” rejecting, for the time being, the assumption of a terrorist attack.

Moments of Panic During the Ritual – Closure of the Lag Boomer Festivities, a Celebration that Marks the Thirty-Fourth Day of the First Easter Evening, Jewish Passover – When the shots are heard. Hundreds of believers took part in the annual Jewish pilgrimage. A heavy police cordon had already been posted around the synagogue, but when shots were reported, others arrived to protect the pilgrims.

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