February 5, 2023

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9 games that will leave the catalog on January 1, 2023, including Scarlet Nexus – Nerd4.life

Waiting to find out what’s new PC and Xbox Game Pass During the second half of December 2022, Microsoft unveiled the Xbox app Games that will leave the catalog the January 1, 2023. In total there are 11 and they include Scarlet Nexus and Tropico 6.

Without further ado, we’ve listed the titles below that will not be available to subscribers of the service starting next year:

  • Iron Harvest – PC
  • Eternal Realms: Vampire Wars – PC, Console, and Cloud
  • Tropico 6 – PC, console and cloud
  • Scarlet Nexus – PC, console and cloud
  • Secret Neighbor – PC and consoles
  • Wild Wilds – PC, console and cloud
  • Gorogoa – PC, console and cloud
  • Infantry – PC, console and cloud
  • Embr – PC, Console and Cloud

Scarlet Nexus

We remind you that as usual it will be all of the above games 20% off On their base price (excluding the most advantageous Xbox Store offers) in the days before removal from Xbox Game Pass, which we remind you again is set for January 1, 2023. A very welcome option as always if you’re willing to continue to take advantage of the title. or more even after they leave the service catalog.

To stay on topic, a Microsoft survey suggests subscription access to PC and Xbox Game Pass at a discount with ads.

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