Parma-Como 2-1: Final score and highlights

Parma-Como 2-1: Final score and highlights
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  • In the next round, Parma will play at Ascoli Stadium, while Como will host Catanzaro at home.10.30 pm

  • The second defeat in a row for Como after the defeat at home to Cremonese. The Lombards are now just behind their yellow and blue rivals.10.30 pm

  • Parma returns to success after the defeat in Venice and consolidates its first position in the standings, even though the yellow and blue teams played two more matches than second-placed Palermo.10.30 pm

  • After the end of the first half, the host team deservedly advanced thanks to the goal scored by Mann after 8 minutes, as the visitors created two excellent opportunities at the end of the first half. At the beginning of the second half, it was the yellow and blue that took the lead again, without achieving it. The second goal came a quarter of an hour before the end, with a diagonal shot from newcomer Charpentier, who took advantage of a perfect ball from Hernani. La Drian’s team did not give up and reduced the gap in stoppage time with a header from Barba, after creating two scoring chances.10.29 pm

  • 90’+7′

    The final whistle of the match. Parma Como 2-110.29 pm

  • 90’+7′

    Chichizola blocks Shaggia’s final cross with a flying catch.10.28 pm

  • 90’+4′

    Cross from the right and the tower from Gabrieloni, whose turn is intercepted by Cecchisola.10.26 pm

  • 90’+2′

    Goal! Parma-Como 2-1. Federico Barba’s goal after a corner kick from Arrigoni.

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  • 90’+1′

    Shaggia’s effort from the edge of the goal ended wide.10.23 pm

  • 90’+1′

    Five minutes extra time.10.23 pm

  • 90′

    A cross from Chaggia from the left side and a header from Bellemo bounce off other players and Chichizola clears it for a corner.10.22 pm

  • 88′

    An unrealistic conclusion from Odenthal that finished very highly.10.20 pm

  • 87′

    Yellow for Parma. A yellow card goes to Alessandro Cercati after his challenge on Blanco.10.19 pm

  • 85′

    Serves Kerrigan Bellemo, who tries from an excellent position a difficult shot from outside the right flank.10.17 pm

  • 79′

    Change in midfield in favor of Cuomo. Tommaso Cassandro comes out and Tommaso Arrigoni comes on.10.11 pm

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  • 78′

    Change for Cuomo. Attacking midfielder Simone Verdi leaves and striker Alessandro Gabrieloni comes on.10.12 pm

  • 78′

    Change in midfield in favor of Cuomo. Daniele Basile comes out and Liam Kerrigan comes in.10.10 pm

  • 74′

    Goal! Parma – Como 2-0. The goal was scored by Gabriel Charpentier, who passed the ball diagonally from the right after Hernani’s low shot.

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  • 72′

    Change in Parma’s midfield. Dennis Mann comes out and Gabriel Charpentier comes in.10.07 pm

  • 72′

    Change in Parma’s midfield. Adriàn Bernabè comes on and Tjas Begic comes on.10.04 pm

  • 72′

    Verdi’s free kick from 25 meters ends high.10.04 pm

  • 71′

    Change for Cuomo. Midfielder Oliver Abodegaard departs and striker Alejandro Blanco enters.10.03 pm

  • 70′

    Bony throws Mihaela into the area, but she fails to kick on goal.10.02 pm

  • 69′

    Verdi is on the ground in pain.10 pm

  • 66′

    Mihaela’s free kick ends very high.9.58 pm

  • 63′

    Change for Parma. Out comes winger Adrian Benedesjak and in comes striker Valentin Mihaela.9.57 pm

  • 63′

    Change for Parma. Striker Antonio Colak leaves and midfielder Nahuel Estevez comes on.9.56 pm

  • 62′

    Change of wings for Cuomo. Nicolas Ioannou comes out and Motir Shaggia comes on.9.54 pm

  • 58′

    Change for Parma. Attacking midfielder Simon Sohm leaves and striker Ange-Yoann Bony comes on.9.50 pm

  • 57′

    Curto tries to take personal action, but is blocked by the defense. Belemo then tries a shot that ends up high.9.49 pm

  • 55′

    Abildgaard’s left foot ends wide.9.47 pm

  • 54′

    Cross from Koulibaly to Benedicak, who headed high from a good position.9.46 pm

  • 53′

    Cassandro’s shot off the rim rebounded into the head of a defender.9.45 pm

  • 52′

    Burnaby left from the edge, trapped on the ground by Semper.9.43 pm

  • 50′

    Yellow for Parma. Andrian Bernabe was booked after kicking Cassandro.9.42 pm

  • 50′

    A wonderful deep pass from Sohm to Kulak, who shoots high from inside the area from an excellent position.9.41 pm

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  • 48′

    A stubborn move from Ioannou, who passed to Verdi, whose right foot completely failed to measure.9.40 pm

  • 47′

    Free kick from Verdi to Abildgaard, who could not find the ball.9.38 pm

  • 46′

    beginning of the second half . The first ball Cuomo played.9.36 pm

  • The first half of the match ended with the home team taking a deserved lead, thanks to the goal scored by Mann in the first half of the match. The home team pressed in search of a double, but in the final minutes the visitors became the most dangerous in attack, as they created two great scoring chances through Cutrone and Ioannou.9.26 pm

  • 45’+4′

    The whistle ends the first half. Parma Como 1-09.19 pm

  • 45’+3′

    The player attempted a personal action, but was stopped on the edge of the area by the opposition defence.9.19 pm

  • 45’+1′

    Three minutes of stoppage time.9.17 pm

  • 45′

    A cross from Belemou from the right side, and Ioannou passes it to Koulibaly with a header, but it sends it away from the goal.9.17 pm

  • 42′

    A clash between Abildgaard and Chichizola, and the players remain on the ground in pain.9.14 pm

  • 41′

    Cutrone drove deep, entering the area and challenging Cecchisola fiercely with his powerful left foot.9.12 pm

  • 38′

    Free kick from Verdi ends high without any deflection.9.09 pm

  • 33′

    Crossing Hernani from the right, stop and turn from Sohum, which ends shortly.9.04 pm

  • 32′

    Verdi shot from the edge, fed by Cassandro, but Cecchisola controls the shot in the middle.9.03 pm

  • 26′

    A player inside the opponent’s box is unable to free himself to shoot, but is awarded a corner kick.8.57 pm

  • 24′

    Hernani shot with his right foot from the edge, the ball comes back and Benedicak tries to head the ball, but Simper blocks it.8.55 pm

  • 22′

    Kulak’s attempt from the edge is blocked by Barba.8.53 pm

  • 20′

    Yellow for Cuomo. Marko Curto has been booked against Perediczak.8.51 pm

  • 17′

    A personal action by Cutrone, who is positioned from the left and tries to deduce, which ends up centrally in the arms of Chichizola.8.49 pm

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  • 17′

    Cross from Verdi from the left to Cassandro, who is late and does not reach the ball.8.48 pm

  • 14′

    A powerful shot from outside the penalty area by Hernani with his right foot hit the goalkeeper to result in a corner kick.8.45 pm

  • 12′

    A cross from Di Chiara from the left side was cleared by Como’s defence.8.43 pm

  • 10′

    Cuomo responded immediately with a low cross from Cassandro from the right, but no one received it.8.41 pm

  • 8′

    Goal! Parma – Como 1-0. Goal by Dennis Mann An exchange between Benediczak and Mann, and the latter concludes with a low shot from the left side.

    Check out Dennis Mann’s player profile8.40 pm

    Dennis Mann
  • 7′

    Yellow for Cuomo. Oliver Abildgaard has been booked for shorthanding.8.39 pm

  • Parma’s first attacking action. Benedyšak passes it down the middle to Kulak, but it is cleared by Cuomo’s defense.8.32 pm

  • The beginning of the match. The first ball played by Parma.8.31 pm

  • The teams enter the field. The match will be refereed by Udine player Luca Zoverelli.8.28 pm

  • Cuomo (3-4-2-1): Always; Corto, Odental, Barba; Cassandro, Bellemo, Abildgaard, Ioannou; Basile, Verdi; Cutrone coach: Moreno Luongo8.16 pm

  • Parma (4-2-3-1): Cecchisola; Koulibaly, Del Prato, Cercatti, Di Chiara; Bernabé, Hernani; Mann, Sohm, Benediczak; Colac coach: Fabio Pecchia8.26 pm

  • Last season’s confrontations ended with success for the home team.8.05 pm

  • The visitors are in sixth place, six points behind the yellow and blue, and they are invited to resume play after the internal defeat suffered by Cremonese.8.05 pm

  • The host team ranks first in the standings with 20 points, but must compensate for the defeat it suffered at the Venice Stadium.8.04 pm

  • Welcome to the Ennio Tardini Stadium in Parma to watch the match between Parma and Como, a match valid for the tenth day of the Serie B tournament.8.04 pm

  • Where the match will be held:

    Stadium: Ennio Tardini
    City: Parma
    Capacity: 22,885 spectators8.04 pm

    Ennio TardiniSource: Getty Images
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