How are you. Rossi and Roma are terrified. Relive the live broadcast

How are you.  Rossi and Roma are terrified.  Relive the live broadcast


De Rossi and Ndika's sentencing in hospital

The Giallorossi coach quickly bid farewell to N'Dika before resuming his trip to Rome and in the few minutes he was able to visit him in hospital he made a joke to try to encourage him: “Hurry up, you have to play against Milan the next day.” Thursday”


How was a heart attack ruled out?

Hospital investigations linked to the trauma Ndika suffered on the pitch led doctors to rule out a heart attack


Ndika is feeling better and in good spirits

In the press release published by Roma a short while ago, we read that the Ivorian defender is feeling better and is in a good mood. He will remain under observation for tests in the hospital


NDCA, a variation that could have caused the disease

Among the various hypotheses, it is possible that the hypothesis that caused Ndika's illness was some clashes during play. Details here


He left Rome for Trieste again

Meanwhile, Roma had just left Trieste. Tomorrow is a free day for everyone, and it will resume on Tuesday morning


Roma's press release arrives with photos

Roma publishes a photo of Ndika, which reassures all his fans. This is the best news for all Roma fans. Details here


Ndika, possible press release soon in Rome

A new statement from Roma about his condition could and should arrive soon


Azmoun's letter to Ndika

From Rome, where he is recovering from injury, there is a message from Azmoun to Ndika: You are the best, I can't wait to see you


Roma background: Players without N'Dicka did not want to start over

A back story emerged from Udine: the players, without N'Dicka, did not want to leave Udine and return to Roma. Details here


De Rossi and Nedica's joke in the hospital, what did he say to him?

De Rossi, as Angelo Mangiante said on Sky, also joked with N'Dika after learning of his condition: “Hurry – quickly – De Rossi told him – Which we need on Thursday“.


N'Dika has been taken to hospital in Udine, and fans are at the hospital

Some fans were also present outside the hospital: N'Dika will remain in Udine tonight, but the player is out of danger.


N'Dika will remain at Udine, and the team will return to Rome

N'Dika will remain in Udine for safety and further tests, and the team can now, calmer, return to Roma.

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How is Ndika, it wasn't a heart attack

It is unlikely to be a heart attack. The blows in the match (a clash with Luca plus two others) could have had consequences for the player, but a heart attack was ruled out.


Ndika, words by Enrico Mentana to an audience in Udine

Just three months ago we were all raising our fingers to comment on the gesture of some fans at Udine Stadium against Milan goalkeeper Mignan. The lesson of engagement and civility that the entire Friuli crowd received today in the face of the Roma defender N'Dicka drama also constitutes the best response to that isolated episode.“These are words Enrico Mentana On Instagram Administrator Tg La7


Lina Soloko, De Rossi and Pellegrini talk to N'Dika: Good conditions

chief executive officer Lina Solocco, Daniele De Rossi and Lorenzo Pellegrini They were able to see and speak to Ndika. The player is undergoing a CT scan, but his condition is good


Roma in the hospital, photos

Roma arrives at the hospital. Here are the pictures


De Rossi steps up to the section

De Rossi was able to join N'Dika, along with Pellegrini and Renato Sanchez


Lazio's tweet arrives

The tweet also arrived from Lazio: “Come on Ivan, we are close to you.”


Roma arrived at the hospital, and Pellegrini, De Rossi and Renato Sanchez separated from the others

Roma arrived at the hospital. The entire delegation is there. More separated from the other Pellegrini, the captain, De Rossi, the coach, and Renato Sanchez, one of the players with whom N'Dika is most associated.


How is N'Dika's message from Juventus and Atalanta?

Juventus and Atalanta also sent good luck messages to N'Dika, as did Sassuolo. The Roma defender arrived at the Giallorossi last summer


Udine stadium is silent at the request of the Roma doctor

When the Roma doctor entered the stadium, the doctor asked for silence in the stadium to check his pulse. Finally the Udine crowd fell silent


Roma leaves the field towards the hospital

Roma left Udine Stadium heading to the hospital. Ndika is taken to the hospital on the third floor, and the hospital is guarded by dozens of agents and police

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Ndika News, Udinese players embrace Roma players

While waiting for the Roma bus to leave the stadium, Udinese players were with Roma players and hugged the people most affected


Ndika's circumstances, how is the player?

The good news confirms what was said previously: that the player’s life is not in danger


Forza Evan is trending on X and social media

At the same time, it became trending on social media Come on, Evan:The entire football world is close to the Roma defender


Ndika is in hospital where he is receiving treatment

Ndika was transferred to The Department of Hemodynamics at the Santa Maria della Misericordia Hospital in Udine is under the direction of the Head of Cardiology, Massimo Imazio.


Roma goes to the hospital

Roma is ready: Soon De Rossi, coaches and players will go to the hospital with N'Dika


The message from Milan

Milan's message, Roma's next opponent in the European League, in French: “We are all with you”


The message also arrived from Naples

Napoli's tweet also arrived: “Go, Ivan.”


Letters from Antonello Venditti and Rosella Sensi

Lots of messages to Ivan Ndika. he is writing Rosella sensei: “The important thing is that N'Dika can recover, it was just a big scare. We await the news with confidence. In these anxious hours, I would like to congratulate the two teams, the referee and the Udine fans who immediately understood the seriousness of the situation and showed an amazing display of sportsmanship and humanity. Come on Evan, we're all with youHowever, these are words Sold: Thank you Udine, I hope everything will be resolved in the best wayHere are all their words


N'Dika is sick: the tweet arrives from Udinese

A tweet of support also arrived from Udinese: “We are with you.” The Friulian club was exemplary in providing maximum cooperation to Roma in tense moments


De Rossi, refereeing after N'Dika's illness

De Rossi and Roma do not want to return this evening but first want to go to the hospital to check on N'Dika's condition. This is the phrase in time of illness

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Ndika was hospitalized under code yellow

Ndika was hospitalized under code yellow. The ECG performed immediately was described as “concerning.”


Even the Roma fans in Udine are trying to figure out what to do

Roma fans in Udine are also trying to understand what to do: Pellegrini and Mancini spoke to them on the pitch. Here are the pictures


Ndika's illness, Gypsy's tweet

Roma posted a tweet about N'Dicka's condition: “After the illness that Ivan N'Dicka suffered on the field, Udinese-Roma has been suspended. The player is conscious and was taken to the hospital for tests. Come on, Ivan, we are all with him.” You!”


Ndika's life is not in danger

According to reports from Udine, Ndika is not in danger of death


Rome and Udinese in silence

As reported by DAZN, neither Roma nor Udinese will speak at the end of the match


N'Dika is sick, and Mourinho is also monitoring the situation

Even Jose Mourinho, once he learned of N'Dika's illness, followed the situation from afar, concerned as ever for his former player.


De Rossi immediately realized the seriousness of the situation

De Rossi immediately realized the seriousness of the situation and found maximum cooperation from the referee and Udinese


Exciting minutes: Roma decides what to do

These are exciting minutes in Udine: Roma decides what to do, whether to return to the capital or stay in Udine and return tomorrow


Ndika is conscious

The good news is that Ndika regained consciousness. Here are pictures of anxious players on the field


Roma leaves the field

Roma left the field, De Rossi and the players still upset


Roma stays on the field

While Udinese has already returned to the changing rooms, Roma are still present on the pitch. De Rossi and the players are in shock


Ndika is in the hospital

Ndika is about to be transferred to hospital in Udine


De Rossi's words: “It's a heart attack”

De Rossi gathered the players in a circle and told them and the referee: “It's a heart attack.”


Ndyka's disease

Ndika was sick on the field. Follow all updates

Udine, Bluenergy Arena

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