Di Maria – Milik what they said in Juventus Benfica

Di Maria – Milik what they said in Juventus Benfica

Turin The first signs of impatience Angel Di Mariawho criticizes substitution Arik Malik In an instant at the end of the race, the cameras caught on and he quickly spread out, and at the end of the race he made his way to the locker room leaving the team to face the furious curve. As if the second KO in the first two matches wasn’t enough From Champions LeagueA unique event in history JuventusThe relationship with the Argentine began to deteriorate. I entered opposite Benfica During the ongoing match, he gave a vague performance both physically, also thanks to the recent muscular problem, and mentally. With two episodes that make us think of a black and white Fideo setting.

Di Maria asks for explanations from Melek

What Di Maria said to Melek

The first happened in 70, when cheerful Melek replacement, Good test authorinsertion Bean And the ken for costic. Judgment, on the pole test, was also shared by Di Maria, who at the end of the game, according to the video he analyzed Prime videoHe stopped to speak to his teammate and asked him why he had been replaced. In addition to the interpretation of the lip and the Argentine uttered “porque,” the tradition is eloquent: the hand points to the seat while repeating the word “porqué,” followed by a gesture of change and a bewildered face. A reconstruction that Milik, when asked about the episode, preferred to ignore: “What we said stays between us.” Plus, of course, for my viewers Prime video.

Di Maria does not fall under the curve

After greeting opponents and talking to a teammate, Di Maria left the field as the team approached with fear of the curve, and angry at the Bianconeri. Slowly Caracollan wrapped his head down, before going into the locker room with a hug to the Lusitani manager, evidently an old acquaintance, who had taken his first steps in Europe in Lisbon. While the curve insulted his teammates, Di Maria left the field sad: “Angel did half training with the team – it was Allegri’s rebuilding in the Argentine test and on the change – then I removed Milik because Di Maria’s situation, which was not in good shape, I had to remove A striker, because with our two midfielders we gave ourselves to them more. Milik looked more tired than Vlahovic and I put in an extra midfielder.” Between the injuries and the frictions, the impression was that Juventus now had Di Maria less.

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