Sea of ​​Stars: Update 1.0.46131 is available, with many improvements

Sea of ​​Stars: Update 1.0.46131 is available, with many improvements

Sea of ​​stars It’s already an exceptional game in its own right, but it’s clearly destined to be even better with an appUpdate 1.0.46131 Available from today, which goes to correct Many problems are found in the game at different levels.

You can find the full patch notes at this is the address On Steam, but these must also be compatible with updates for the console versions and this is one of them splatter Really big, even though it’s not meant to fix macroscopic things.

From what we can see, the various issues that arose from this have been fixed Soft lock During battles, in addition to errors that may occur in very specific situations, such as when changing characters at the head of the group while standing on the pressure platform.

These are just examples to illustrate how these different modifications go deeper in very specific cases the way of playing Sea of ​​Stars, so much so that many may not have noticed these problems.

Many other issues have been fixed

Screenshot of Sea of ​​Stars

From a more general point of view, several modifications have also been made Collisionswhich obviously can create different issues, here too, in certain situations, but from this point of view, the patch seems to do a great job of correcting it.

Various repairs have also been made puzzle And gameplay moments, in addition to some problems related to the combat system, without clearly distorting the gameplay characteristics, but improving them in various aspects.

You can find all the details at this is the address. We remember reviewing Sea of ​​Stars, a title that pays an unusual tribute to the golden age of JRPGs, which reached sales of more than 250,000 copies in the first week despite being at the same time as launch on Game Pass and PlayStation Plus.

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