“Parejo’s goal is a very obvious factor error. Vlahovic is a real hero”

On a BoboTV Twitch rendezvous, Laila Adani He gave his opinion on the performance of Juventus In the Champions League against Villarreal. The former football player focused on the qualities of VlahovicThey praised the intensity and technique, and the errors that led to the tie Paregothe position more than individual errors.

promise me

These are his words:

Juventus withdrew with Vlahovic After 35 seconds and 84 minutes again, he hit a ball from outside the area, which Rowley saved in an important way. eat grass. Away from Danilo’s ball, he scored with the other foot… It would have been a great goal even with the left hand. He’s a boy with the hero’s scars on the inside. How nice to see him make such an impact in the Champions League. Juventus? He has to go to the neighborhoods. I look bad, which presses forward. I expect his nets to concede less dribbling at home, in Spain he played a bad game. The rematch should be a brave match. A certain kind of football is essential to Vlahovic. Why would Agnelli make a player like him available? To face the shortage and stay in the G8. c.First Parego? It’s the fault of the situation, not De Ligt or Rabiot“.

Filippo Fagiolini

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