Tarantino, the former Inter player who stopped the appeal in Asago-Calcio

Tarantino, the former Inter player who stopped the appeal in Asago-Calcio

He played with Maradona, Zola, Ronaldo, El Finomino, Baggio and Pepe Signori. But the most important intervention Massimo TarantinoThe former left-back for Napoli, Inter, Bologna and Como, did so on Thursday night at Carrefour in Assago. He was the first to ban Carrefour Asago stabbed. He managed to curb his murderous rampage, even though the 46-year-old had already shot the cashier and wounded five people, including Defender of Monza Pablo Maro. Without his courage, the losses would have been much more serious. “But don’t call me a hero, I haven’t done anything special.”

The career of Massimo Tarantino

Born in Palermo 51 years ago, the son of a technician (his father Bartolomeo played one season with Venice), he was raised in Cosmos Palermo In the Catania. In 1989 move to Naples Maradona where he stayed seven years. An unfortunate adventure inInter In 1996: a serious injury made him miss a year. Back to the field with Bolognawhere he played five years before moving to como. In Lombardy, it’s two years before you fall into the T-shirt category Tristina And the Pavia.

Massimo Tarantino, a life in football

And in Pavia, Tarantino took his first steps as a manager, working in the youth sector. And with the promises of Italian football he worked in Bologna and Rome, in the movie “Cantera” by Bruno Conte. Last season he was the manager of the technical area in spalAnd the Today with the training of Daniele De Rossi.

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