Parade of Kings in Barcelona 2024: the way and the way

Parade of Kings in Barcelona 2024: the way and the way


Children hand over cards to the kings

The Magi now welcome all the children who have come to see them, shake their hands and collect the cards they have prepared.


The Majestic Parliament of King Melchior on behalf of Their Majesties

he King Melchior I addressed a few words to all the people of Barcelona who were waiting for them in the name of Their Majesties. Melchior made it clear that they were Ready to distribute all gifts.

He also shared one A message of concern about wars And the commitment From the kings of the East So that all children can grow up in peace.


The Mayor of Barcelona welcomes His Majesty the King

As is tradition, Mayor The city welcomed His Majesty and He gave them bread, salt, and the magic key to the cityWhich opens the doors of all homes.

Jaume Colboni emphasized that “all the boys and girls in Barcelona behaved very well.”


Balthazar's crowd awaits the king's arrival

Melchior, Gaspard, Balthazar… Every child has their favorite King of the East. One of the most acclaimed players this afternoon was Balthasar, who also had a fan club. So said one of the banners that could be seen when their Majesties arrived on the boat of Santa Eulalia. “Balthasar, we love you,” another sign said.

Balthasar I Love You Cavalcada di Reis 2024


Their Majesties have already set foot in Barcelona

Melchior, Gaspard, and Balthasar have already disembarked at the Portal de la Pau and are welcoming hundreds of people who have been awaiting their arrival.



Choreography to welcome royalty

Their Majesties are expected to appear in a few minutes by sea on board the paddle boat Santa Eulalia.

To receive them in the best way, the pages Estelle, Omar and Gregory taught us Choreography for the audience in which they must Clap your hands and say, “Long live the three kings of the East!”.

Parade of Kings 2024


Maximum expectations among youngsters

Hundreds of children They had been waiting for a long time for His Majesty to arrive by sea. The anticipation and excitement of the little ones reaches the maximum to be able to see the Magi up close.


The special program of the procession begins in Bitivi

Finished The special program for the Petitvi Parade is currently being implemented. You can follow live every detail of the arrival of the Kings of the East and the route they will take in the streets of Barcelona.

You can watch it on TV, on the web, on the YouTube channel, in the app, on La Xarxa+ and on social networks using the hashtag #ReisBCN.


The royal pages are ready to receive Their Majesties

Pages Gregory, Omar, and Estelle have already been seen at the La Pau Gate, ready to receive the Kings of the East. Everything is ready so that the Pailebot Santa Eulàlia will dock in a short while and their Majesties will greet all the inhabitants of Barcelona.

Royal Pages Parade of Kings 2024



Baileyboat, greeted by America's Cup boats

From 4:30 p.m pailebot santa eulalia, With the Three Kings of the East On board, you will dock at Portal de la Pau. But before that, the royal boat could already be seen sailing along the Barcelona coast accompanied by the 2024 America's Sailing Cup teams and other sailboats.


Name of the Kings of the East in the correct Catalan language

It's parade day and you may have the opportunity to address royalty. Do we say Their Majesties, the Kings of the East, or the Magi? Well, all three options are correct. And if we have the option of welcoming them one by one, Their names in correct Catalan are Melchior, Gaspar and Balthasar.

Name of the Kings of the East in the correct Catalan language: How to address the Three Magi?


Special program for the parade at 16.15

Want to watch the parade from home? At 4:15 p.m. one will start special program Live in Petev With the arrival of Their Majesties and parade through the streets of Barcelona.

You can follow it On TV, on the Internet, in YouTube channelin the app, on La Xarxa+ and on social networks using the hashtag #ReisBCN.


Historic TMB buses in parade

Did you know that during the procession you will be able to see three historic buses? TMB will participate with old models of buses Dodge Brothers 240, Aklo Regent III I Orbas slippers.

Orbas slippers
Photo: Temp



Show at the beach this afternoon

Between 12 and 1 p.m., next to the gas breakwater Royal Pages They gave a performance before the arrival of Their Majesties on board the rowboat Santa Eulàlia, scheduled for 4:30 p.m. Royal Pages Barcelona Kings Parade 2024


Procession route

Find out the route of the floats, street by street.

Route Reis Cavalcade Barcelona 2024 Streets Itinerary


Sky slopes

For the first time since 2010, everything points to that It will rain during the trip. The last time rain appeared during the Parade of Kings was in 2010. In any case, the Barcelona City Council wanted to make it clear that the parade will take place even if the rain ends.


Everything is ready according to Palau's procession plan

Some of them can already be seen in the Palau plan Preparations for the processionwhen there are still four hours remaining before the buoys start moving. Pitfi will have a prominent role in the show!

Parade of Kings 2024 Petev


After the Parade of Kings

Good evening! Let's start one soon Copertura, minute by minutefrom The Great Parade of Kings in Barcelona. It is planned It starts at 6 pmBut before that there is the arrival of the Kings of the East on the Santa Eulalia boat at 4.30pm. In the meantime, we'll tell you everything you need to know about the show and this magical day! Thanks for following us.

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