The United States is expanding into Europe

The United States is expanding into Europe

“We will continue to grow here in Europe.” With these words, Colonel Bruce Bridlough Announces the establishment of a new artillery brigade in Germany. there Boy It strengthens air defense and seeks to protect US and allied forces from potential threats. “It is certainly a deterrent knowing that there are additional air defense forces active in Europe, because our enemy will take that into account when they plan their next moves,” he said. stars and stripes Colonel Bredlow during a ceremony at the army base in the village of Simbach, southwest Germany.

Italian Eurofighter planes intercept 4 Russian fighters that violated NATO airspace (between Sweden and Poland)

Born, a new air defense command in Germany

The 52nd Air Defense Artillery Brigade adds to the expansion of the US military presence in Europe, which was triggered by the Russian invasion of Ukraine in February and fears of possible repercussions on NATO territory.

President Joe Biden announced the new brigade in June at a NATO summit in Spain, with the war in Ukraine high on the agenda. But planning for the unit began several years before the conflict, when military leaders identified gaps in US air defense capabilities in Europe.

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What will he do?

The brigade headquarters will provide command and control of all the Army’s air and missile defense forces in the US European Command area of ​​responsibility. He will report to the 10th Army Air and Missile Defense Command.

“This strengthens the alliance and makes us all safer,” Brigadier General Maurice Barnett, commander of the Army’s 10th Air and Missile Defense Command, said Thursday, adding that events in Ukraine reminded of the importance of air missile defense. “If your core assets are wiped out by[tactical ballistic missiles]and cruise missiles, winning becomes much more difficult,” Barnett said.

Officials said the new active-duty brigade brings with it more than twice the workforce of rotating brigades. He will oversee battalions stationed at Baumholder and Ansbach in Germany, as well as other battalions in Turkey and Israel. The revitalization comes after Russian President Vladimir Putin last week announced plans to annex nearly a fifth of Ukraine and hinted at the use of nuclear weapons if Russia’s territorial integrity is threatened.

US growth in Europe

The United States has beefed up air, land, sea, cyber, and space capabilities in Europe in response to the Ukraine crisis. They now have more than 100,000 service personnel spread across the continent, the highest number in nearly two decades from about 63,000 in 2013. Barnett said US air defense capabilities will expand significantly as the new unit grows. “We will continue to grow here in Europe,” Barnett said. We are not done expanding our air defense capabilities. We have not finished modernizing our forces here in Germany. Today is an important step, but we are not finished.”

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