Solar panels, how much do they really consume: let’s count on savings

Solar panels, how much do they really consume: let’s count on savings

The number of solar panels needed for the balcony varies depending on your choice of consumption. Here’s what to consider between consuming and saving.

How much electricity do solar panels consume? We do the calculations to understand the situation, All the details in the article.

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What is the real consumption of solar panels? Let’s do the math

The The number of solar panels on the balcony or roof And the profitability are directly related. So it is impossible to ignore the factors that will influence, Like the strength of the installationsunshine and orientation conditions on which production forecasts depend, Usable area and technical limitationsand your energy needs and your choice of consumption.

Solar panel power It’s important information to keep in mind when you want to implement a project in your home. In fact, it allows you to determine the electricity production capacity of your plant. So let’s see in the article How much electricity do they consume and what are the savings for solar panels for balconies and what should be considered when installing them.

How much do you save and how much do you consume with solar panels?

The number of solar panels required varies according to your choice of consumption. Electricity needs are not necessarily the same as the neighbors’ needs, even if you have a similar home and the same area. It mainly stems from consumption habits, family composition and home isolation.

To know the annual electricity consumption you need Refer to your electricity bill. The consumption part of the invoice refers to the number kWh bill For a certain period, that is, the amount of electricity consumed in the house. clearly The more panels, the higher the power output.

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The solar module requires an initial investment of 400-600 euros and can provide electricity with a present value of 60 euros per year.. The payback period ranges from 7 to 10 years. Speaking of costs, a smaller installation doesn’t necessarily cost less. It will be cheaper to buy But also less profitable in the long run.

To calculate your expenses, you can start Look closely at your electric bill. It tells us how many kilowatt-hours are being consumed. Peak kw produces about 900-1400 kWh per year, depending on the area you live in. Thanks to this quote and consumption, It is possible to determine the power required to meet the electrical requirements.

Factors to consider when choosing solar panels

a solar panel It generates energy through solar radiation. The sun is the main criterion that must be taken into account. No matter where the photovoltaic system is installed, it produces more when the best sunlight and directional conditions are met.

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If there is a file Shadow area on the roof, the shaded panel may see a drop in its output and bump into the assembly of panels it was connected to. There is a simple solution: Choose microtransformers or enhancers Individually, specially adapted for this type of situation. So even if a shadow appears on one of the paintings Others continue to produce their best.

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