It is already selling like hot cakes, and it has an unprecedented advantage

It is already selling like hot cakes, and it has an unprecedented advantage

Dacia is ready to launch the new model. Fans have already gone crazy over the amazing news: it actually worked

there Dasha Once again ready to take the market by surprise. The brand has really won a lot of acclaim in recent years. This is thanks to the policy that combines high performance with very low prices. The excellent value for money was the strong point of the Romanian brand, now owned by Renault. Especially at this delicate stage, when the economic hardships of the pandemic are still taking their toll, the Dasha It represents an excellent opportunity for its customers to be able to invest in a car at a low cost.

Dacia new version spring arrives (media press) –

Since January 18 last orders Dacia Spring Extreme, which will be delivered before summer. It is an exclusive version of one of the flagship models of the brand that has a special setup and an amazing feature that sets it apart from the rest of the cars. But let’s see better what are the novelties of this car.

Dacia Spring Extreme, the new exclusive edition arrives: the novelty

The main difference compared to the past is the new special engine,Electricity 6548 kW engine producing 65 hp. The motor is combined with a reduction gear that doubles the torque transmitted to the wheels. Thanks to this, the vehicle’s performance is significantly improved. there Dasha In fact, it has greater acceleration response and a wider range, all without affecting the car’s battery. The range is 220 km on the Wltp combined cycle and 305 km on the Wltp city cycle.

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there Dasha With this new engine, it aims to repeat the success of the first electric car (which has already received 100,000 orders since its launch) and to ensure that the audience of users willing to rely on the car manufacturer is greater than ever. However, these are not the only innovations brought by this special edition. Meanwhile, the car will also be available in Ardesia Blue. However, there will also be design improvements, with a copper-colour finish on the exterior, roof rails, and the Dacia logo appearing on the wheels and in the trunk. The car manufacturer’s logo also appears on the seat backs.

Also new is the topographic motif that can be found on the front doors, between the doors and the front fenders, in the rubber mat at the front. The copper color also returns to the interior, in the front door trim, air vents, navigation system surrounds and seats.
This top-of-the-range version is part of a broader strategy for Dacha, which already has a strategy in place that includes all of its models, Spring, Sandero, Duster and Jogger. Thus, enthusiasts will also be able to take advantage of this brand new setup to enhance their experience with Dasha. The brand has once again proven its ability to satisfy consumer needs.

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