A traditional event that is always new

A traditional event that is always new

Arrived at the arena after one o'clock in the morning.

With small differences but in the same spirit as always. This Saturday night took place one of the most anticipated, crowded and special events in the world San Sebastian celebrations: Descending the pine tree into Piazza Cale Baldero.

In a rather cold environment (temperature 5°C at the Casal de Cultura meteorological station), but with a lot of human warmth, the meeting place was, as it is every year, the Pedrera de l'Angelet forest, at the end of the Carrer Gaietà. Vallès. In Can Prat. From eight o'clock in the evening, fires were lit for dinner. At ten o'clock at night, exactly on time, three firecrackers announced the start of the landing, with Eric Riba once again the master of ceremonies for the landing direction.

As last year, to participate in the drop, you had to register in advance: members of the organization wore orange and registrants wore red. The pine nuts were brought along the usual route: Gaeta Valles, Sant Miquel, Jaume Espanyol, and Plaça Sant Jordi (where the traditional roll and Matadepera band He conducted “El virolai”), to continue via Sant Llorenç, Sant Joan (where it was decided to cut down a meter of pine to lighten its weight), Carretera de Terrassa, Sant Isidre and Cal Baldiró.

Before arriving at the plaza, shortly after one o'clock in the morning, La Granja residents, Tony and Monica, once again served beer to the pine tree bearers. the Matadepera band And the Gralers Matadepera They culminated in the arrival of the pine tree on the square with “Cançó del pi”, the musical hymn created by the teacher Sergi Cuenca, the song that was presented this year “Fins a la plaça”, by the group Matadeperenc, it was premiered by “Trinchats”, and it ended with the music DJ Madude until dawn.

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You'll find a graphic compilation of the event and the rest of the festivities in a banner at the top of this site's home page. In the pictures are moments from this year's event (Photos: Mikel Badia).

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