Diesel is always the best seller – Virgilio Motori

Diesel is always the best seller – Virgilio Motori

UNAE shows us the trend picture of the used car market in 2022, which it has recorded 7.7% decrease compared to 2021 (data pending consolidation).

Total property transfers in 2022 amounted to 4,586,678 compared to 4,971,788 in the same period in 2021. Net transfers lost 10.1%, while micro-transfers decreased by 4.4%.

Diesel prevails

It remains the preferred engine in the used car market in 2022 Diesel with 48.3% of the preference. In second place are petrol cars with a share of 40.3%, recovering by half a point in 2021. Then comes LPG – 4.4% of the total – and hybrids grow by 3, 7%. Natural gas loses a lot, as we’ve already seen in the new one, stopping at 2.2%, while pure electric vehicle (BEV) and plug-in pure electric vehicle (BEV) net transmissions rise to 0.5% each.

60.4% of all property transfers are represented People-to-people exchanges are increasing, due to the low availability of cars from the vendors. On the other hand, the exchanges from the operator to the end customer decreased to 35.5%.

Analysis by region

General decline in all Italian regionsThe percentage of ownership changes in 2022 is 34.2% for the first three regions, namely Lombardy, Lazio and Campania. Bucking the trend, Trentino Alto Adige represented 10.5% growth, in used car exchanges from operators.

Net transfers increased by Cars over 10 years oldWhile the share of 6- to 10-year vehicles remains stable at 14.9%, the share of 4- to 6-year vehicles is recovering slightly (12%). The proportion of younger cars, especially 1-2 years old, has decreased due to the reduction of zero kilometer models.

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Minivolets analysis

Let’s talk about small transfers (what are they), the share of individuals or other companies that exchange their cars increases, while the share of car groups by operators decreases to 26%. Cars withdrawn from long-term rentals and those at kilometer 0 are down, while cars from short-term rentals are on the rise.

In 2022, diesel vehicle volumes will decrease, and gasoline and LPG prices will increase; Methane remains stable, while small amounts of electrified cars are increasing. Even among small volumes it is confirmed appearance of old models – with more than 10 years of age – at the expense of all other categories of seniority awarded a share.

All purchased on the Italian market in 2022 3.96 million new and used cars, Down 10% from nearly 4.4 million in 2021.

Gasoline and diesel engines on the used market in 2022 accounted for 88.6% of purchases, an increase of more than 41 percentage points over the new market (47.3%). Used hybrid cars account for 3.7%, compared to 34% of the new market. Natural gas is going against the trend, accounting for 2.2% of used fuel while falling to less than 1% of new fuel. ECVs (Hybrid and Pure Electric Vehicles) are still around unavailable between transfers of ownership.

North West Region Where the largest number of ownership transfers of used cars was recorded, after the southern region, then the center, and finally the north-east. As for new cars, the northern regions covering 61% of the total registrations average 23%.

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