Other than Black Friday, the show is all red An extremely rare Ferrari supercar is up for auction

Other than Black Friday, the show is all red  An extremely rare Ferrari supercar is up for auction

Buy a Ferrari like this? It is not a twice in a lifetime opportunity. The price of this supercar can only be compared with its rarity in the market: that’s why enthusiasts fight over it.

We know that now Limited copies from some models Expensive Ferrari Like few other cars in the world. Some even broke real auction records some time ago. This, for example, will not be the most expensive in the absolute sense, but it is undoubtedly far beyond the means of many Italian motorists, seeing as it is believed: it costs as much as a luxury villa by the sea.

Another red … (MondoFuoristrada.it)

always she…

There’s a reason why among the many Italian manufacturers who have lined up memorable supercars like Maserati, Pagani, and Lamborghini over the years and we could mention more, even among the lesser-known companies that perhaps operate as artisan companies, there are Always and anyway Ferrari To unleash a supercar enthusiast when one of his cars is offered for sale online or at an organized auction.

The Italian home is definitely worth it Its excellent reputationThanks, keep it up Strict rules Clients should respect it without a doubt, but it can be argued that some redheads are more desirable than others. For example, the various versions of the 250 are among the most expensive cars in the world with price tags in excess of $10 million per unit. One today costs a lot, for example.

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The famous F40: today we are not talking about it but about a very similar car … (MondoFuoristrada.it)

limited edition

He took the place of such a legendary car as the Ferrari F40, which single-handedly represented the European supercar with its distinctive lines and brutal performance for its time – but also for today! It was by no means an easy task. Perhaps also for this took Ferrari Two smart decisions In the 1990s: his heir would not have replaced him immediately but gradually … and it would have been a Formula 1 road from an engine point of view.

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the mighty Ferrari F50 From 1992 it remains one of the most impressive supercars released in the 90s and in a broad sense one of the Ferraris with the highest customer appeal that we find among its buyers. Many professional pilots Including Tiff Needell who also boasts an official Formula One GP in the 1980 season in place of Clay Regazzoni: “There is no difference between this car and Formula 1”Needle said of the F50.

It costs like a villa…

With a similar reputation and only 349 examples produced in a few years, the F50 is rightfully one of the rarest and most sought-after beasts on the millionaire-priced used Prancing Horse market. The car after all It wasn’t for everyone With a V12 engine with 520 hp, a chassis that required 2,000 working hours before seeing the light and the lack of systems such as ABS made it clear that the car is intended for a very discerning clientele…

Web Source Fe 24:11:2022 MondoFuoristrada
Our F50 (MondoFuoristrada.it)

As it happens, a specimen will go up for auction this Black Friday straight from the homeland of American supercars: Miami, the land of swamps, flamingos, and sports cars. It buzzes along the waterfront Under the scorching summer sun. Sure, it’s winter but who cares: You can always keep the car as a summer surprise for your friends.

The supercar in the photo is original and comes with all necessary documentation including serial number 008/349, in practice it should be the 8th example ever produced, certified engine serial number and above all a certificate from 2014 in the Ferrari Red Book which Includes all cars From home production.

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Auction Web Source 11_24_2022 MondoFuoristrada
Auction announcement (MondoFuoristrada.it)

Now, let’s get to the sore spots: You wouldn’t be taking home this car to take advantage of the 30% Black Friday discounts and that’s a fact. But even with sales, absorbing projected spending of $5.5-6.5 million won’t be so easy. Let’s leave it to Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos to compete on this one A masterpiece on wheels, for this time. Perhaps the next summer sale is the right time.

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