The scandal that upsets Fiat is unexpected

The scandal that upsets Fiat is unexpected

The automotive world knows how to be fierce, from a market point of view and beyond. However, what has emerged in the past few hours may leave everyone speechless, certainly not positive.

Everyone is now familiar with Dieselgate, the emissions scandal that involved the discovery of fraudulent emissions from diesel cars sold in the United States and Europe. At first they were only interested in Volkswagen, and later another major group the FCA, now under the control of Stellantis.

Fiat (web source)

Incidentally, by FCA’s own admission – at least the company’s US branch – He has a lot to blame for the diesel scandal. He admitted this five years later, after accusations of selling more than one hundred thousand Jeep Grand Cherokee and Ram 1500 diesels, fitted with illegal systems that were exceeding CO2 emissions limits.

Dieselgate, FCA admits: No more doubts now

The FCA has admitted everything, as we said, ie It will result in more than 354 million euros in fines. In addition, he will be monitored for a period of three years; You will cooperate in the administration’s further investigation into the Dieselgate case. Stellants wanted to clarify with a press release explaining exactly that The FCA reached an agreement on diesel engines sold between 2014 and 2016.

Added to this is a plea of ​​guilt from the company, a fine of 96.1 and a fine of $203.6 million against him. All this affects the profits that are obtained thanks to those means that are under examination. Moreover, through the investigations carried out, a specific marketing advertising campaign in order to be able to sell counterfeit cars was ascertained by FCA USA.

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FCA (web source) June 7, 2022
The FCA and Dieselgate scandal: How it really goes (web source)

Explained by Kenneth A. Politt, deputy attorney general for the criminal division of the Washington Department, said the company had devised a specific marketing campaign to sell these vehicles to American consumers, as if they were ecodiesel. However, the reality was completely different. In fact, illegal programs have been installed and implemented against the law to circumvent the tests and help these means “comply” with required emissions standards.

But this clearly did not happen at all. The FCA – and thus Stellantis – will have to pay a very heavy price for this behaviour. The lawsuit was opened in January 2017. At the time, CEO Sergio Marchionne commented on the accusations being “utter nonsense.”

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