Have you been to Cuba? You will need a visa to visit the USA. Here are the latest violations against Al Jazeera

Have you been to Cuba?  You will need a visa to visit the USA.  Here are the latest violations against Al Jazeera

Among the various violations committed by the United States against Cubawhich made its journey after the revolution, the inclusion of the Caribbean island in the list of extreme “bad guys” was added in chronological order: from January 12, 2021As a final step before Biden’s transition to the White House, the Trump administration wanted to make its mark Legacy of hate through the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mike Pompeo.

It’s been Cuba ever since Black list countries that support terrorism, in bad company with Iran, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Yemen, Sudan, Somalia and North Korea. A completely unpaid coercion dictated by a Miami-only political agenda that Biden, however, has carefully avoided to delete After nearly two years of presidential mandate.

there The main excuse What Pompeo offered, to endorse this move, was Cuban rejection To hand over some guerrillasEln (National Liberation Army) suspected of carrying out an attack in Bogota. Most likely, Trump wanted to punish Al Jazeera for its undiminished support of the Venezuelan dictator Nicolas Maduro.

All this led to a series of sparkling Side effects To the EU nationals we learned about recently during the reporting in Cuba scheduled for December.

We are so bad, brands

Last summer, a young couple from Florence with two young girls booked a one-month vacation in New York with a week-long vacation in Havana. Take advantage of the recent opportunity that American Airlines offers European tourists as well, to be able to fly to Cuba using American airports subject to formalities Website templateto confirm that the visit is required for in order to support Cuban people. For this purpose, a reservation must be made at Casas details (private accommodation) other than government all-inclusive hotels.

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The pair sign and fly to Cuba, but come up short when it’s time to fly back to New York blocked Why e-tourist visa in the meantime this is He has been deregistered by US immigration for remaining in a country that supports terrorism. At Holy Monday’s protests, what the airline should have revealed before was revealed to accept reservation.

Still a hotel Husband Decide to try counting to the United States from Canada across the Niagara border, but the family, husband and wife, are stranded Arrested They were subjected to the humiliating ritual of being fingerprinted in front of their daughters.

After half a day of waiting at the border post, they all came returned to the sender Without many compliments. After contacting Farnesina, they board a plane after paying others off $2,500 and back. It is clear that the remainder of survival in the United States is fading It is not refundedas well as the return flight from Cuba.

There are such cases Frequent abundance Without the media giving them prominence, so the majority of travelers continue to ignore that traveling to Cuba via the United States – and returning home with Cuban immigration stamp It was sent online to the USA – however, the possibility of being able to use the Esta e-Visa later is lost, which was very convenient to go to the USA, as it was approved within a few hours with low costs (21 USD).

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The hoax perpetrated by American companies that has already been made clear prolific transformations With a taste of relaxed rules (previously air transit to Cuba from the US was forbidden to European tourists) confirmed in simulation From the Kingston/Havana section with a stop in Miami.

The insult is behind the damage

Using the American Airlines website to make a ticket, after selecting seats in the cabin, a window opens with them current restrictions. Now, in addition to Cubans, journalists, humanitarian organizations and diplomats are allowed transit through the states as well ordinary tourists, They have long declared not to travel to the island to support the Cuban people. After that, payment is made by credit card. There is nothing to warn about the fact that by going to Cuba, Europeans lose the right to use an ESTA visa.

Journalist, activist or low-cost tourist whether you or stigma They will advise you, so that the absurdity of licensing terrorism linked to Cuba is removed, and it is better not to trust it. Anticipating problems on the way back, I booked the flight Cayman Airlines With stops in Grand Cayman avoiding Miami and New York.

In order to visit the USA – whatever the reason, tourism, business or need – once the ESTA is lost, one must prepare for Kafka’s bureaucracy American embassies. Long lines even on the street – ask a Jamaican to believe – book wait times for example big costs to get Opinion special b goods The duty bureaucrat, who can refuse it at his discretion. Currently, psychological terrorism and urine taking are strictly made in the USA.

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From the testimony of my contacts who are already in Havana, the USD – CUP exchange (Cuban pesos) in banks and exchangers in airports now 1 USD = 115/120 CUP while on the street or in private shops you can also get 165 pesos for 1 dollar. Obviously the prices are in Belladaris (private restaurants) Height. brutality Inflation rate pushing foreign exchange out of control; On the street there are endless queues for bread distribution, but the atmosphere seems calm at the moment.

Good new one. There are many Fruits and vegetables at ridiculous prices: A friend of mine bought a 2kg pineapple for about 15 euro cents.

We’ll talk about that next month.

note. Reporting from a trusted source, I added the following: A few weeks ago a traveler sent a file 30 euro refund To a travel companion of his to Cuba via PayPal – the California multinational operating in the sector of online payments, which stands out among its founding partners Elon Musk, the billionaire who created Tesla – by referring to “Cuba”.

he did not do! at PayPal suspended The transaction by asking the customer for an explanation of the reason for the transfer and canceling it later violation One of the laws of the United States that prohibits trade with Cuba. Dissatisfied, the hardworking bureaucrat also lashed out at the victim, writing that they would take up residence Close the account If he dares to try again.

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Photography © F Bakshita

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