Goodbye Supercore of La Creu Alta

Goodbye Supercore of La Creu Alta

The historic Supercore store at the Zamenhof roundabout will close on May 22, and in the coming weeks it will reopen under the Carrefour brand. In September, El Corte Inglés began the strategy of transferring these “fast” business establishments to the French chain throughout the country, and now it is Sabadell’s turn. In the last days of activity An attempt will be made to liquidate all discounted shares Which currently reaches 70 percent and will increase by Wednesday.


Supercore for Zamenhof tour is A distinctive institution of La Creu Alta And many residents are grateful to be in the neighborhood in emergency situations, such as Sundays when there’s nothing in the refrigerator or nights when they’re late for work and don’t have anything prepared for dinner (business hours are 7 a.m. to 1 a.m.).

“We mostly come on Sundays, after going to the gym, we stop and buy something for lunch. The truth is, it would be great to have more establishments like this in the neighborhood because on holidays it’s hard to find a place to buy what we “Need it necessary”

“I was surprised because this type of establishment usually does not close its doors, and it is true that it is one of the few establishments that is open all weekend.”

“It’s convenient for quick shopping any day of the week and is open anytime. We people who are on and off all day like a rocket appreciate that it’s open late so we can come down and buy what we need.”

“I often come on Sundays because it saves me missing an ingredient and everything is closed.”

Zamenhof Round Supercore customers

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