Osimhen's future, Zelenskiy's future and Mourinho's constant rejection: De Laurentiis on 360°

Osimhen's future, Zelenskiy's future and Mourinho's constant rejection: De Laurentiis on 360°

Osimhen at Real Madrid, Paris Saint-Germain or some English clubs. A firm rejection of Mourinho and Marotta's investigation into the Zelezinki case. At the end of the Italian League meeting in Milan, the President of Napoli, Aurelio De Laurentiis He spoke to the press in attendance.

It was his signature campaign. Will Perez arrive?
“When the football institutions ridicule you, to the point that Infantino said it had nothing to do with the African Cup of Nations that was held in January, and you find yourself without two players in many matches, you have to run for cover. Then “there are the injuries, we had problems, the new coach did not He had little time to prepare for the match due to his many commitments. “Mazzarri played his role, and I love him very much.”

“It has nothing to do with Napoli. He was in Roma, and now he is free but he cannot go anywhere else in Italy. He is a good coach, very nice and tells the story of a certain type of football. I love the Portuguese.” “They are a very exceptional people, but their fate will be outside Italy, and certainly not in Naples.”

Will Ostegaard leave?
“It's what Napoli needs. Now let's see a little. We have to try signings, until then it's difficult to think about transfers.”

Speaking of the Africa Cup of Nations, Osimhen's words about the future arrived. what do you think?
“We knew that since last summer. Our negotiations were long and friendly, and we were procrastinating things but we knew very well that he would go to Real Madrid, Paris Saint-Germain or any English team.”

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Will Zelensky leave?
“Piotr is a very good boy, an excellent footballer. He spent eight years at Napoli and I think such long stories end on their own. If he wants to stay, we are here to embrace him, but if he wants to” he left because he has an agent who smells or smells money. If you have a bad taste, you will be imagining a delicious cookie to dip into a nice latte. He will have convinced the boy to leave Naples. I'll tell you one thing: Zelenskiy gets a higher salary than he would have at Inter. I told Marotta that he's not behaving well, but in a joking way.

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