Follow the European Championship qualifiers match live

Follow the European Championship qualifiers match live

Pizarro – part of Pizarro a path Italian national team in qualifications to European Championship 2025 in which it will be played Cipro, Finland, Latvia H Poland For the group stage Essam Riga For the direct removal phase. to'italbasket to Gianmarco Bozzico Will challenge, on parquet Vitriviergo Squarethe Türkiye From the coaches Ergin Ataman On the first day of Group B: Two balls in Raw 20:30. Follow the match live.


Italy-Türkiye 14-15

Basket support Richie On the counterattack e The score of the first half was 7-0 to azzurri: time out Ataman.


Italy-Türkiye 12-15

a team Ataman Kick-off: The score is 8-0 for the Turks with a hat-trick Biberović. Basket Richie And the trio of mostly They reduce distances.


Italy-Türkiye 7-7

A good start for the Azzurri with a hat-trick Tonot And the two-point basket Milli. Türkiye responds with a semi-hook Ottoman And Tonser. Then comes the trio Biberović Captain Blue's Dunk: Parity Pizarro.


Italy and Turkey, let's go!

I First possession of the game The team wins it Bozzico.


Italy-Türkiye, official fives

Italy: often, tonot, milli, ricci, procida. trainer: Bozzico.

Türkiye: Sanli, Biberović, Tuncer, Osmani, Sipahi. trainer: Ataman.


Italy and Turkey on the field

Both teams enter Parquet Vitrifrigo Arena: now National anthem And then the curtain will rise The first match for the Azzurri is valid for qualification to Europeans Subordinate 2025.


Italy-Türkiye, just a few minutes and we're off

Less than 10 minutes left For the ball between them azzurri And a team Coach Ataman. What an atmosphere there Vitrifrigio Square to Pizarro!

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Italy, Bozzico's pre-match words

I know very well how passionate Pizarro is in basketball, people always come here willingly and as a national team we knew that we would be welcomed with enthusiasm and passion.“, Confirms trainer Daleitalbasket. Tomorrow, Charlie Recalati will not be with us on the bench for the first time: everyone knows how close I am to him, one of the most important people in my career. We had to make the decision because also, in relation to the Olympics, it was necessary to dry out the technical staff a little. I will test the handover between Gigi and Nick, but I'm not worried because continuity is certainly guaranteed by two professionals who are closely linked to the Azzurra jersey. Turkey will not be an easy opponent, as they are an excellent team and are wonderfully coached by Ergin Ataman, one of the best European coaches of all time.. The match will be complicated, but I trust my players and I am sure that we will play a great match“.


Italy and Turkey, precedents

The two national teams competed 58 occasionsThe balance is clearly in favor of the Azzurri: 47 wins to 11. to'Latest direct comparison Between the two teams dating back to last summer when, in Trento Championshipchildren Bozzico They imposed themselves 90-89 after additional.


Italy-Türkiye, where the match can be watched on TV and live broadcast

Match between Italy H TürkiyeValid for First day from qualifications to European Championship 2025, which will be held today (Thursday, February 22) at 8:30 pm. The match will be visible live on TV on Sky Sport Arena (channel 204) and broadcast live on SkyGo, Now and DAZN.

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Türkiye, coach Ataman's team

The players he chose Turkish technician For the match against the Azzurri Bozzico:

Omar Can Ilyasoglu (No. 1, Mega Miss Biograd), Seamus Hazer (No. 2, Fenerbahce), Tarik Biberović (No. 3, Fenerbahce), Sirtak Sanli (No. 5, Fenerbahce), Yigitkan Cyber (No. 9, Turk Telekom), Melih Mahmutoglu (No. 10, Fenerbahce), Ertin Ghazi (No. 11, Anadolu Efes), Sadiq Amir Kabaja (No. 12, Galatasaray), Okpin Olubayi (No. 13, Turk Telekom), Forkam Haltali (No. 14, Pinar Karsiyaka), Berke Ugurlu (No. 17, Besiktas), Baghrahan, Tunisia (No. 19, Galatasaray), Kerem Konan (No. 20, Besiktas), Erkan Osmani (No. 24, Anadolu Efes), Kenan Sibahi (No. 25, Pinar Karsiyaka), Erkan Yilmaz (No. 33, Anadolu Efes).


Italy, Coach Busico's lineup

Players have been called before Blue coach For the match against Turkish national team:

Marco Spiso (No. 0, Rare Venezia), Niccolò Mannion (No. 1, Varese), Stefano Tonot (No. 7, Olimpia Milan), Niccolò Meli (No. 9, Olimpia Milano, captain), Diego Flacador (No. 12, Olympia Milan), Amedeo Tessitori (No. 16, Rare Venice), Giampaolo Ricci (No. 17, Olimpia Milan), Matteo Spagnolo (No. 18, Alba Berlin), Giordano Bortolani (No. 22, Olympia Milan), Guglielmo Caruso (No. 30, Olimpia Milan), Achille Polonara (No. 33, Virtus Bologna, Vice Captain), Luca Severini (No. 40, Tortona), Gabriel Procida (No. 50, Alba Berlin), Alessandro Bagola (No. 54, Virtus Bologna), John Petrocelli (No. 77, Brescia).

Piazza Vitrifrigio, Pesaro

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