Olbia. Science and art at the airport to talk about multiple sclerosis

Olbia.  Science and art at the airport to talk about multiple sclerosis

Olympia. Multiple sclerosis is told not only through science but also through photography, music and theatre. This is the goal of the Teatro Nyx association of Olbia, which organizes “multiple actions” in collaboration with Aism and the municipality.

The outreach event has been scheduled Sunday 26 MarchAt 17:00 at Olbia Costa Smeralda Airport. The evening begins with doctors’ interventions. They will participate Roberto Ignazio ZarboAnd Gabriel FarinaAnd Veronica Sirego And Maria Giovanna Diana.

“Our aim is to find creative forms to be able to sensitively describe stories of life and suffering – he says Jade DegortsHead of the Nicks Theater -. To do this, we collected the testimonies of people with multiple sclerosis and turned them into theatrical monologues. We have also created a photo gallery that tells the experience of neuropathic pain Shuaiba Al-Julaimievent creator.

Through the photographic exhibition created by Boulevard Degorts entitled “The Roundabout”, Chaibia Al-Julimi reveals herself. The footage conveys the episodes that have marked her life since 2016 when she was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis at the age of 29.”vertigo It’s the intimate acknowledgment of her personal history, Giada DeGorts explains. It is the statement of the body that carries invisible but very deep scars. Pictures are the channel we chose together to be able to narrate suffering and transform it into beauty.”

During the evening there will be a flash mob organized by the association that organizes the event and a performance by the actors Delilah Bedouzi And Leonardo Vitagliano. The musical part was entrusted to a jazz trio, composed by Lorenzo Augustus on double bass, Paul Addis on the battery and Paul Rob on the guitar. “As an association for social promotion, we are excited about the realization of this event – says the head of Teatro Nyx -. We hope that Multiple actionsin addition to creating a network of information and support, can draw the attention of the public in Olbia to the daily difficulties and obstacles of people with sclerosis in Sardinia, and in particular in our city.

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On the occasion of the meeting, airport parking (long stay, sectors A and B) will be free.

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