June 8, 2023

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Allegri and the “football” that Juventus received Inter: the touch, apologies and what really happened

“Have you never seen me so angry? Simple, oneInter kick me“. like him Massimiliano AllegriAt the end of the final, Italian Cup He lost to the Nerazzurri, had explained the dismissal (“Right, referee Valery was very good”) and the agitation in the final minutes of the match. Live cameras showed disagreements with Massimiliano FarisInzaghi’s deputy, H Lautaro Martinez. But the protagonist in the episode narrated by Allegri is neither this nor the other.

A video clip filmed from the Olympic podiums appears with a smartphone Mario Secchi, Inzaghi’s technical assistant since Lazio, crossed the path of the Juventus coach. After cheering Perisic’s 4-2 goal, in fact, the Inter player returns to his bench, while the Juventus coach, going in the opposite direction, returns to his technical zone. The two intersecting lanes.

The “classic” kick, i.e. the kick with the leg that carries the kick and then extends, does not exist. Rather “stumble” from Cecchi to Allegri. The collision of one leg and another is a small thing compared to what Allegri announced. As you can see from the photos, the two are in danger of falling, but are recovering. Cecchi immediately turns to Allegri and apologizes to him: this can also be seen from the one-arm movement. Obviously, the Juventus coach did not believe in the goodwill of the Inter player and, after a few words, sent him to that country (here too, in the video you can clearly see the arm gesture). For Inter Cecchi it “stumbled”, a version that didn’t convince Allegri until after the match, when morale was still up.

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