Broadband, there is a will written by Cassa Depositi e Prestiti to move towards the single network. Five months to move on to commitments

Broadband, there is a will written by Cassa Depositi e Prestiti to move towards the single network.  Five months to move on to commitments

The dice are thrown: in five months Italy will know if it will get the dice single network From the latest generation and if it is an obstacle 22 billion From Debts Former monopolist Tim will be bypassed. These are the few facts after the signing, on the evening of Sunday, May 29, froman agreement between contacts, Open the fiber And the Cassa Depositi e Prestitias well as by the financial partners, on the joint intention to integrate the infrastructures of Tim e Open the fiberboth of which are owned by Cassa, including the primary too Primary network Telecom, which connects the control panel to the cabinets under the house. In short, excellent news, even if the road remains long and winding and the path must be traced. Meanwhile, the agreement should lead to aobligatory understanding By October. Then it will be necessary to move from intentions to actions. It will not be easy because the interests in the field are many. In fact, quite a lot.

The main factor certainly does not appear to be the country’s need to equip itself withnetwork infrastructure Pioneering, given that the problem has not been resolved for years at the government table though, at least beforeRenzi Executive Down, it was always at the top ofdigital agenda Chigi Palace. With results that enable everyone, from employed municipalities to schoolchildren, through bankers, politicians, health professionals and ministers, to try it on their skin while Close Spring 2020 when they tried to work online.

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Definitely remains the hottest topic huge debt that Telecom has accumulated in the years following privatization Which far exceeds the quota today 22 billion euros: about two thirds bonds and the rest bank loansincluding more than a billion received from European Investment Bank. Important obligations guaranteed by the telephone network that will be respected, reduced or guaranteed again after the network is disconnected from the services in Tim. In other words, it will be necessary to find out where Tim’s debt will go and who will pay it. Much depends on the value to be attributed to the new entity that most optimists value 25 billion euros.

Although it is a private company, in fact, the question of Tim’s debts is not indifferent to the state for various reasons, in addition to creditors, it also concerns 42 thousand employees Telecom andContribution to the company Today, instead of the banks, he sees the state treasury Cassa Depositi e PrestitiIn addition to the French language, Vivendi, traditionally interested in services and content rather than the network. However, a network infrastructure that would also include submarine cables could be an interesting and rich business, if built well, it is not surprising that the money is like the Americans Kkr and Australians Macquarie They already got a foldable bench and asked for a seat at the negotiating table. Understandably, they would be willing to invest again if they saw room for growth, otherwise it would be up to the state to step up again despite the fact that 25 years have passed since the telecom privatization. Under no circumstances will he be able to step down, he will have to mediate and protect the public interest in a matter so sensitive that he protects it golden powerThe government’s veto power.

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