Orita Berti and Amadeus “Happy 2022”!

Direct next year 2021 on Rai 1: Live commentary

Amadeus and all those present at TerniNext year“They give their best wishes for Happy 2022 to Rai Uno viewers. The latest suggested song for this old year is Orita Berti’s summer song ‘Mile’. Everyone on stage counts down to the last 60 seconds. Orita Berti and the announcer wish everyone a ‘Happy 2022’.” It was the first Artist participating in the new show is Cristiano Malgoglio, who lights up the festivities with a series of songs in Spanish mixed with his personal successes.At this point, the Sicilian singer and songwriter on stage accompanies several dancers, as they improvise steps, sequins, lights, cardboard and colors on stage. “We couldn’t have started better than this,” concludes Amadeus, and Malgioglio engages him in the dance (adjective by F.D. Zaza).

Alba Baretti Show Sends Malgioglio To Orgasm

On Ray 1 you can followNext year‘, a special New Year’s Eve approaching New Year’s Eve 2022. Alba Baretti wrote another page of Italian TV as she goes up on stage to re-propose Caterina Valente’s ‘Bongo Cha Cha Cha Cha’, after she had already suggested it in the ‘Tale and which Show’ 2021.” Malgioglio in ecstasy, takes credit. So it was the turn of the juror on The Voice Senior, or rather the unleashed Clementino who opened his performance with the song “Cos, cos, cos.” Thus, it is Nick who returns to television after a long absence. Another great icon of Italian music will perform this evening in Terni: It’s Fausto Nights. After a short break in advertising, Loredana Bertè returns to sing, with a mixture that warms the audience in the march towards midnight. In a very short time we enter the new year (Edit by F. Dr. Zaza).

Amadeus Mimi: Forbidding their cousins ​​from imitating the Maneskins

Amadeus is still invading the theatre.Next year“Stop the performance of I Cugini di Campagna, in the cover of” Zitti e Buoni “by Maneskin: the image is already out and a meme will appear soon. The conductor of the orchestra “In Respect of the Elderly” demands the pop group from Rome to release their most famous hit: “Anima Mia”. Soon after Here is the return of Achilles Lauro in new clothes: from white to black. The Roman sings his song “March 16”. The evening continues with the performance of Marco Masini. The singer honors viewers and attendees at Terni with his 2015 song “T’innamorerai”. Finally, Loredana Bertè takes the stage. Always Fresh and modern, it ignites the scene brimming with energy.So Cristiano Malgoglio is back on stage in a purple suit (adjective by F.D. Zaza).

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Massimo Ranieri delights the crowd

The countdown continues atNext year‘, the Rai 1 program that accompanies us at the start of the new year. After dismissing Achille Lauro with the words ‘always gorgeous’, Amedeus tries to set the tone by releasing Massimo Ranieri. The author’s performance despite wearing a strange red tuxedo decorated with sequins. Several songs have been suggested, Including ‘Red Roses’ and ‘Loss of Love.’ In this final piece, the audience themselves are heard sing the word at full volume. Amedues doesn’t want him to leave the stage and invade the scene as he evokes ‘If the city burns down.’ Then Arisa returns to the stage and is touched. By singing “Meraviglioso Amore Mio.” Is this a tribute to Vito Coppola, the dance teacher on the show, who just won, Dancing with the Stars? Meanwhile, the audience goes on apotheosis to honor I Cugini di Campagna to Maneskin with “Zitti e Buoni” (article by FD Zaza).

Arisa launches the count

The first singer on stageNext year“Is Arisa, with Lucio Dalla’s piece, precisely ‘The Year To Come'”. Also on stage to accompany her in a duet, Massimo Ranieri was one of the world’s greatest exponents of Neapolitan song. So Amadeus welcomes the viewers of Rai 1. Cristiano Malgioglio also arrived on stage saying, ” I fell in love with your husband.” So came the turn of Ruff, who befriends the conductor who, then, introduces Achille Lauro. Romanian singer-songwriter in a mink, Cassano’s show style in Real, sings “I’ve Fallen Again,” a song Launched for Sanremo 2020. Amadeus introduces and launches the summer mate of former artist, Orita Berti: “Hello Am… Amadeus! For me, you are always Amedeo.” The released song is the song dedicated to her husband: “When I fell in love” (modification by F.D. Zaza).

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Amadeus welcomes rai viewers

Dedicated to New Year’s Eve and hosted by Amadeus, ‘The Year to Come’ now begins on Rai Uno. This year the city of Terni was chosen for this event. During the evening, there will be an opportunity to see some pictures of the wonderful landscapes that characterize the town of Umbrian, to immerse yourself in the atmosphere even from home: forests, villages and obviously Marmore Falls. The New Year’s parade is being held inside Park 4 of the Acciai Speciali Terni with a maximum capacity of about 1,300 spectators, including the Covid containment rules. As usual, before the celebrations, around 20:30, the Italians heard the end of the year message from the President of the Republic. Just finished the official start of over four hours of entertainment with big band notes directed by Maestro Stefano Palatresi and many more guests going up on stage to sing (adjective by FD Zaza).

The year that will come straight from the Terni steel mill

Tonight, Friday, December 31, 21:00 a.m. Rai 1 Begins “Next year“, hosted by New Year’s Eve Amadeus She lives from a steel mill in Terni. The traditional Rai 1 New Year’s Eve party will also be broadcast in HD on Canale 501 and on Rai Radio1 and simultaneous broadcast on RaiPlay. The evening will go around the world with Rai Italia: it will also be seen in Beijing, Sydney, New York and South Africa. “toWe accompany all Italians with songs, and music will be the real hero. We face this show with a smile but also with anger for not being able to do it in the absolute normal, we’ve been in the state of emergency for two yearsAmadeus said at the press conference. 700 people will be present at the steel plants, including 5 subscribers to Rai thanks to the Rai Canone initiative “first grader”.

Emmanuela O’Reilly next to Amadeus

Next to Amadeus there will be Emanuela O’Reilly, Umbrian Doctor, who with his sympathy will guide the Rai audience to discover the most exciting places in his region. “New Year’s Eve for Rai in Umbria is a very important occasion. Next year is a great opportunity to make our region also known all over the worldDonatella Tessie, president of the Umbria region, said at a press conference. There will be no invasions for John Vignola and Marcela Solo From the back with interviews on Radio 1 Live. It will be the highlight of the evening spit. Although there have been some splits in the past few hours. There will be no singer Gigi D’Alessio Positive result in Covid: “I’m going to quarantine waiting for the new year and won’t be able to be on Rai Uno’s new year as planned… I’ll follow from home! “Advertised on social media.

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Actors and Guests of “Next Year”

Here is a list planned music guests”Next year, the New Year’s Show which will be broadcast live on Rai 1 by the Terni Steelworks. They will take the stage: Massimo Ranieri judges”The Voice SeniorLoredana Berti, Orita Berti and Clementino (without Gigi Di Alessio), Cristiano Malgoglio, Umberto Tozzi, Raff, Achille Lauro, Riccome, Nick, Donatella Ritori, Fausto Layali, Gidonia twins (winner in the latest version of “like that which appears“), Alba Baretti, Eduardo Vianello, Corona e los Locos. For the little ones, there will be the protagonists of the hit TV series Rai YoYo.Pinocchio and friendsAll artists will be accompanied by a troupe directed by Maestro Stefano Palatresi.

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