Aurora Ramazzotti, after a rain of criticism, receives an unexpected dedication from him: this is the same

Aurora Ramazzotti, after a rain of criticism, receives an unexpected dedication from him: this is the same

Aurora Ramazzotti continues to be awash in criticism and negative comments. Here is the one who takes on the defense of the daughter of Michelle and Eros.

Aurora Ramazzotti has recently been the focus of many controversies. It all started when Fidez chose, for his LOVE MI party, the daughter of Michelle and Eros to run it. Aurora is only 25 years old, and vivid experience and passion played tricks on the girl. Some have appreciated that she was anyway able to find herself at ease on stage despite some gaffes she had inherited from her mother, with her sympathy, she managed to face a smile. On the other hand, others were more sinister and pointed out that had she not been a “daughter” at that point she wouldn’t have been. However, we must admit that Aurora has great communication skills and her response, not only original, is on target. Unfortunately, other criticisms came later. Here is the permission to enter.

Dedication friend of all time. Aurora is immersed in criticism, and a new leader defends her. This is what it is

To respond definitively to criticism You only came to TV because you’re a daughter.”Aurora wrote a song. And in his original way of responding to criticism, he stressed that even the children of doctors, lawyers, or any other profession, if they follow in their parents’ footsteps and succeed, it is only because “SonSo this is not only a problem that affects her and her work as a presenter but she shares it with many other boys and girls who are trying to make a lot of sacrifices to achieve success in the same profession as her parents. Aurora sings that she has grown into prejudice since she was born or at least since she can remember.

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Aurora then opened up on Facebook in recent days and found yet another criticism that did her a lot of harm. This time it was compared to a pond. The girl takes the screen and says that when she reads these criticisms, the desire to open the social platform passes more and more. Tommaso Zorzi unexpectedly intervened. The boys have been friends their whole lives, and when Big Brother Vip attended, he actually made a cute dedication to his boyfriend on Valentine’s Day. In fact, the two seem to have separated but today they are more united than ever. Tommaso writes that he knows when prejudice has always been in a girl’s life but has learned to look beyond her. Tommaso describes his friend as an example and concludes the devotion with a dessert.I love you so much”.

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