Organic farming, things to do to increase production and quality

Organic farming, things to do to increase production and quality

A 32-page file edited by university professors in agricultural disciplines with all the actions that need to be implemented at the level of knowledge, institutional and knowledge dissemination to create environmentally and economically sustainable organic farming

Increasing crop yields and crop quality, while maintaining the distinctiveness of agricultural products that are obtained in a way that does not use synthetic chemistry and that in the past two decades have emerged from the market niche to conquer the general public. Organic farming is at a critical turning point for its future and to win the challenge that it wants to be able to meet the ever-increasing demand for safe and high quality food in addition to being the protagonist of green deal European Union, to the point of pushing the European Union to oblige member states to allocate at least 25% of its agricultural area by 2030.

But for the biological method to be distinctive, it urgently requires innovations and an impressive technological transfer of scientific evidence, underpinned by specialized multidisciplinary professional skills and methodologies underpinned by highly knowledgeable tools. And for this edagricole He collected in a 32-page dossier the contributions of some university professors among the leading experts in their fields of expertise. A scientific and technical guide divided into six papers for the supply chain (arable crops, animal husbandry, feed, fertilizers, fruit growing, and horticulture), plus a section dedicated to the resources CAP 2023-2027 dedicates to organic agriculture and a chapter on knowledge transfer.

A guide that assesses the state of organic agriculture in Italy, lists its strengths and weaknesses, and proposes actions to be taken in the short, medium and long term to achieve a series of environmental, economic and social goals capable of realizing 360 degrees sustainable organic farming and breeding.

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