Alternative foods for children's birthday parties

Alternative foods for children's birthday parties

Children's birthday parties are an uncontrollable overdose of sugar (especially) and also of salt due to the high percentage of sweets and sweets. Snacks And sandwiches. Although parties are occasional in nature, they practically become a monthly or bi-monthly habit when the child is regularly exposed to the birthdays of all his classmates. In this sense, it is useful to think together about holding healthier birthday parties that do not completely contradict the nutritional standards set with great effort at home, and are often in line with a healthy and balanced diet.

Obviously you don't need to suddenly make the holidays become the fruit and veg section of the supermarket, but you do generally need to limit your exposure to sugar, salt and especially the additives, which are very unhealthy, that bring ultra-processed produce into these type of events. For this reason, you should have some alternative ideas on the horizon, and of course put yourself in the kitchen for a long time. Ultimately, birthdays are not just about eating, but about celebrating an important life event that has nothing to do with disordered eating.

In no case should you underestimate the sweetening power of forest fruits such as raspberries and blueberries, at least when sweets are needed. Depending on the age of the critters attending the party, these wild fruits can be a great choice to accompany yogurt spread in cups. To complete the group, others can be added to this suggestion Classlike dark chocolate noodles (as it were Chocolate chips) or nuts, as long as the creatures are of a certain age and know how to chew them.

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To achieve the goal of eating fruit in the middle of Christmas and after serving it cut up, you can make fruit popsicles that are easy to cut and handle and go well with dark chocolate. Bananas, kiwi, oranges, tangerines, strawberries, pears and apples are ideal. All you have to do is cut the item into small pieces, stick a wooden stick like the ones used to make ice cream, and dip the pieces in the melted chocolate. When cool, the chocolate layer hardens and the lollipops are ready to eat. However, if you want to do without the chocolate, you can also make fun fruit popsicles that will attract the rogue's attention.

Despite its calories, popcorn is a great snack, especially at Christmas. They invade almost all creatures and are much better than commercial snacks such as Small worms And potato bags because they also provide nutrients such as vitamins, iron and calcium. Popcorn has the advantage that it can be cooked at home directly in a tightly covered pan (from the seed stage) and additives such as salt and butter can be controlled. They can also be made sweet by adding butter and sugar (in reasonable amounts) once they're popped, and even food coloring (it's not that healthy anymore).

On fuller birthdays, for those whose guests go home with a full stomach, a small burger may be served. Rogue usually likes this option. They heat up well inside buns and creatively, more vegetables can be hidden in them than meets the eye. Simply mince the meat (beware of supermarket mince, which is full of additives) and mix it with finely chopped carrots, green peppers, mushrooms and raw onions, all well combined with eggs and breadcrumbs. Small burgers can be served grilled with lettuce and tomato slices.

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No commercial soft drinks on the table! What is most common among scoundrels is that they demand what is before their eyes; Therefore, in most cases, avoiding exposure to certain foods occurs simply because we are not exposed to them. To help swallow all of the above foods, water, citrus fruits (such as lemon slices) and bottles of fresh orange juice can be placed on the table. It's true that orange juice is not the best way to eat fruit (due to the loss of fiber and the buildup of sugars from several pieces in one cup). However, the effect of drinking orange juice is not comparable to swallowing liters of soft drinks full of sugars or sweeteners rich in additives that should be avoided.

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