June 5, 2023

Hardwood Paroxysm

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“A tough month ahead, but don’t be afraid. I want to win everything, we deserve more respect in Europe.”

The month of April is approaching Andre Onana He accuses Inter, and he fights in the coming weeks between the League, the Italian Cup and the Champions League. “We must always play without fear. If there is fear, it is better not to enter the field – says the Nerazzurri goalkeeper Sport Mediaset -. A tough month awaits us, but we train every day to play games like the ones facing Juventus and Benfica. We have to train well and I am convinced that if we work well, It will be a month full of contentment“.

In the clean sheets and the most saved balls in the Champions League, the Cameroonian prefers to share the advantages with the rest of the team: “It means the defense is doing its job very well. You can also save a lot, but if the round doesn’t go through, the collection is of no value. The clean sheet is a team work, from the coach to the striker to everyone on the bench. We’re all here to defend Inter. any I am honored to be the goalkeeper of this club“.

We deserve more respect in Europe Because we sent Barcelona to the Europa League and we were in a complex group – adds Onana -. We have shown that we are a strong team. It doesn’t matter what happens with Benfica, however We will play there to win. I want to win everything“.

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