Ivano Marescotti, the funeral home of Bagnacavallo was prepared as a show

Ivano Marescotti, the funeral home of Bagnacavallo was prepared as a show

Bagnacavallo (Ravenna), March 28, 2023 – no burial chamber For actor and director Bagnacavallo Ivano Marescotti opened at 2pmkinda like Stage Show (Video) To then close on the 18th today and will continue tomorrow, Wednesday 29 March, from 10 to 15. The artist died on Sunday at the age of 77, in the Ravenna Hospital, where he was hospitalized for a few days (video).

Ivano Mariscotti, Funeral Home in Bagnacavallo (Zanni Pictures)

there Oriani room The former convent of San Francesco, in his beloved Bagnacavallo, has been transformed into a “theatre”: in the center the sarcophagus with flowers, on the sides pews to allow those present to watch the video edited with clips from the most famous films in which Mariscotti starred: from “King Arthur” to other Italian films. The artist’s voice echoes throughout the room.

In addition to many people who wanted to pay tribute to the actor and director, they immediately arrived at the funeral home Bagnacavallo Mayor Eleonora Bruni And Culture consultant Monica Poletti. Later they appeared Giuseppe Pelosiethnologist and poet of Fusigna, personal friend of Ivano Marescotti with Professor Marcello Savini and the Renzo Savini, President of Anpi Ravenna. Among their fellow actors, they arrived instead Roberto Citran, Elena Pucci, Marcella Nonni and Alessandro Argnani of Ravenna Teatro. The funeral home closed at 6 p.m.

Ivano Mariscotti, his wife, Erika Leonelli

Funeral of Ivano Mariscotti

Instead it will be the last farewell to the artist tomorrow, Wednesday 29 March 15 o’clock, the time when the farewell will take place. Polish actor Stefano Bicocchi is expected to appear on stage Vitus and songwriter Andrea MaingardiMarescotti Friends.

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Tomorrow’s farewell will also be attended by the cultural delegate of the municipality of Bologna and the city of the capital, Elena DeGioiarepresenting the city of the Two Towers.

On this occasion, donations will be collected for the IOR. At 16.30 the coffin will leave for Ravenna to Cremation.

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