Danielle Dal Moro: “I live a different life than I do” – Big Brother VIP

Danielle Dal Moro: “I live a different life than I do” – Big Brother VIP

Perhaps taken with the usual melancholy at the end of the holidays, Daniel He withdraws into the garden and thinks about his life. approach him Wilma who, seeing him sad, tries to make him breathe.

The boy says he is sad. Various thoughts swept through his mind.

Remember the line from the movie: “chaos is fair” And he understands that living in confusion can be unlucky.
Now he only feels comfortable in chaos, precisely because he has no possibility of thinking. Sometimes, however, he feels the need to isolate himself and brood. He almost wants to suffer, and better handle the pain.

“I guess because I don’t want to forget” says VIP, determined not to lose focus. The audacity he needs to achieve his goals comes from the anger he feels and the pain he is experiencing. That is why the memory of what he lived must be kept alive in him.

“I live a different life than I do.” Trust your friend. What he went through only he knows and does not show it to others. His irritations do not affect the mood of those around him, and this makes him satisfied with himself.

Wilma points out that the people who love him will never hurt him.

The boy replies that his fear is to make those who love him suffer from his mood swings. So, over time, he learned to fantasize and is now fully able to hide his true feelings.

After talking about some of the wrongs she’s had in the past, Wilma feels she has to give him some advice. It is right to forgive someone who has offended him, but forgiveness does not mean forgetting. For his own safety, he must keep negative people at arm’s length.

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Danielle, even now, feels the change. He is a man who is not afraid of anything. It seems that silly problems are easy to get over, so he wants to be available to others and help them.

The night talks continue and Wilma, as usual, proves to be a loyal companion. Behind an apparent calm, Danielle hides a world of thoughts, musings, and torments. Each time he talks about himself, a piece is added to the puzzle and each time a new, small piece of it is discovered.

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