Hyundai Kona, Car of the Year by readers of the Iberian press

Hyundai Kona, Car of the Year by readers of the Iberian press

The Hyundai Kona has finally won the 22nd edition of the Iberian Press Readers’ Car of the Year award, after beating in the final the Ssangyong Torres, Lexus LBX, Kia EV9, Honda CR -V and Citroen C4 South Africa won this award, after the i30 and Ioniq 5 won in the 2018 and 2020 editions, respectively.

Among the many features that made the Kona the most valuable car and voted among the six finalists for the award, the design, interior versatility, engine range and advanced technology can be highlighted. The appearance of the 4.35-metre-long B-SUV is truly pioneering, as it was developed with its electric version in mind. That’s why it has aerodynamic shapes and simple lines. But if it’s something that attracts attention, it’s because of its light signature, with the LED strip running uninterrupted front and back.

The passenger compartment is very spacious despite the compact exterior dimensions. It stands out for its versatility and comfort, without neglecting the sophistication and quality offered by its new technology. The dual 12.3-inch display is the centerpiece of this modern space.

Engine width

A key element in KONA’s success is offering a range of engines capable of adapting to any user’s needs. The gateway to the range is a 1.0 T-GDI petrol engine with 120 hp, also available with 48V mild-hybrid technology, giving it the ECO label from DGT.

A step above is the hybrid version with 141 hp. The combustion offer is crowned with a 1.6 TGDi 198 CV engine in 4×2 and 4×4 versions, with DCT automatic transmission. Of course, it has two electric versions with 156 and 218 CV engines, with a range of up to 510 kilometers.

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The Hyundai Kona faced strong competitors in this 12th edition of the Readers’ Car of the Year award: the Lexus LBX is expected to be one of the reference urban SUVs on the market; With its imposing and attractive appearance, the SsangYong Torres will steal the limelight from the outcasts in the C-SUV segment; The EV9 allows Kia to benchmark itself without complications with major European premium brands; The Honda CR-V is the true reference for SUV versatility; Finally, the Citroën C4

Design is still the main factor when choosing a car, and the Hyundai Kona offers one of the most modern and pioneering aesthetics in its segment, thanks to the exterior lighting that makes it stand out from the rest. The LED lights running along the front and fenders from side to side make the car look futuristic and transcendent.

Versatile and modern

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The interior design of the Korean SUV follows the Ioniq 5 recipe, with minimal space but not for that reason interfering with sophistication and quality. It’s a versatile and modern cabin where the main focus falls on the dual 12.3-inch screen that runs the length of the dashboard.

Hyundai didn’t want anyone to give up the Kona for its engines, so it offers combustion, hybrid and electric alternatives, able to adapt to any user.

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