Yemeni rebels (backed by Iran) attack the Israeli city of Eilat –

Yemeni rebels (backed by Iran) attack the Israeli city of Eilat –
to Guido Olympio

A missile launch was thwarted by an arrow shield. The attempted attack on Eilat was preceded by a tweet: “Surprise.” Saudi Arabia is also often the target of raids by Yemeni rebels

One-word tweet: “Surprise.” And then Launching rockets towards Israel. The Shiite Houthi militia It tried to strike the city of Eilat from Yemen But the shield intercepted the threat using the Arrow system for the first time.

The Red Sea Front was opened on October 10 with threats from… And the militants supported and armed by IranTheir leaders had said they were ready to move alongside Hamas. Nine days later they launched the first strike, an attack that was thwarted by the action of a US ship just north of Yemen that dropped most of the “projectiles.” The intervention appears to be in parallel with the Saudi defense intervention.

News of the war between Israel and Hamas live

The first “cycle” was followed by other cycles, and explosions were attributed to it Kamikaze drones In the Egyptian cities of Taba and Nuweiba in Sinai, the planes may have been off course or destroyed. Incursions attributed to the Houthis. Finally, this morning New warning about EilatIt was determined by sighting of drones, and the successful strike was carried out with some missiles. It is possible that some of the debris was recovered from the Jordanian desert and, according to experts, could belong to the Quds Force, a copy of the Iranian model. But Israel was prepared, and not only because of the messages coming from the south. Radar systems – There is an important system in the Negev that was operated in cooperation with the Americans – and advanced reconnaissance devices may have “spotted” the aircraft carriers, triggering a response.

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According to military sources F15 fighters and Arrow batteries intervened, a weapon specially developed to ward off the threat posed by missiles. In addition to the Jewish state agencies, there are United States agencies whose number has increased throughout the region. A giant airlift transported Patriot and THAAD missiles and related munitions to allied nations while they were there and intensify surveillance With a large air and sea spread extending from the Mediterranean Sea to the Arabian Gulf and including the Red Sea, where the paths of the allied units intersect.

to’Warn It has extended to other “stations” located on the chessboard, for example in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The kingdom is In a war with the Yemeni Shiites And it was oftenThe target of the raid In the long term thanks to the use of means developed with Tehran’s assistance.

Violent explosions in the sector with A High prices for civilians. While the army continued its pressure along the sea to the north and east, reaching the outskirts of Gaza City. Another incursion into the central part aimed at reaching the Al-Rashid coastal road to close off a densely populated enclave. But the soldiers faced violent resistance from the militiamen.

As expected The Mujahideen came out of the tunnels Clashing with the opponent and setting ambushes. The tactic, documented in a video released by the movement: fighters emerge from a tunnel in a rural area, advance through low-lying bush and then open fire from anti-tank guns. Events that will be repeated endlessly, forcing the Israeli army to act with extreme caution.

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The number of tanks, armored vehicles and armored bulldozers, the vanguards of the two divisions, is always enormous. defense minister Yoav Galant He emphasized the bitterness of the battle: We are getting results, but at a high price. for now, Two soldiers from the Givati ​​Brigade were killed. They were members of a reconnaissance platoon deployed in the attack on Jabalia. A stage in the process of liquidating Hamas leader Ibrahim Bayari, which also led to raids on homes, which led to dire consequences for the residents. Initial estimates indicate dozens of deaths.

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