Mom, look how much fun I have (busting a Ferrari)

Mom, look how much fun I have (busting a Ferrari)

Head of destruction What to expect from a digital creator who prides themselves on their Instagram profile description (followed by 2.5 million people)CEO of DestructionAnd that, upon reaching ten million followers, he promises to subject a Bugatti to an exhausting durability test? Surely don’t treat cars with child gloves. As evidence of a decidedly not “brave” attitude toward machines to which any enthusiast worthy of the name devotes loving care every day, the instagram celebrity maker and youtuber Weslyn Diesel He has posted through his social channels a series of content that he is having a lot of fun while being abused in a quasi-scientific style A Ferrari F8 Tribute flaming red.

Success deserves to be a devastating supercar – Browsing through the history of his photos and videos, one gets the feeling that it’s precisely about the five-figure supercar abuse this gritty digital content creator has He built his fortune on Instagram and YouTube. a fact which cannot but suggest a deep reflection on how to portray an action in the world today – be it noble or ignoble, important in some way – has become the simplest and most effective way. “hack” on social media As a result, secure golden profits.

Bernaccia at Ferrari – In the first video posted on his channels, Weslyn Diesel He’s even taken the trouble to publicly mock Ferrari, guilty, according to him, of needlessly protecting his cars, of “dissuading” owners from modifying them with dubious equipment and, essentially, from treating them poorly. In the j’accuse fool This young Ferrari driver, who probably ended up with a lot of money to cause a powerful and uncontrollable car.”They are omnipotenceFacts followed. Apparently, the Maranello house had already been “threatened”. sued him, but for him, it ends up in court, he seems to care more than anything else. And there he was, doing dusty laps on the gravel with the engine revving, or smashing through a gate to see how far his Ferrari could take the torture. Or perhaps, more simply, to see their effect. Waiting for the next transfer from Google…

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